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From the Wreaths Across America organization.

10/10/2017 WAA eNewsletter

Delivering Truckloads of Respect

Each holiday season WAA’s “Honor Fleet” of over 300 volunteer drivers and Trucks deliver “truckloads of respect” filled with more than a million Remembrance Wreaths to be placed on veterans graves all over the Country.

This year WAA is offering a gift opportunity for our youngest supporters that teaches not only the Remember Honor Teach mission but the spirit of volunteerism with our building block wreath delivery truck paired with a veterans wreath.

~ Rob & Sarah Worcester – Transportation & Logistics Coordinators
& The Wreaths Across America Team
Building Block / Wreath Education Kit

Limited Edition “Wreath Carrying Truck” Building Block Set – (While Supplies Last)

Each year, because of the efforts made by the generous trucking company owners and hundreds of professional drivers who volunteer their time, Wreaths Across America is able to honor our nation’s fallen heroes. Each truck and driver is responsible for carrying thousands of remembrance wreaths to one of Wreaths Across America more than 1,200 participating cemeteries across the United States.

Wreaths Across America is committed to teaching younger generations about the value of their freedoms and the importance of honoring those who sacrificed so much to protect those freedoms. This limited edition block set also places a wreath at a cemetery which provides you with a excellent teaching tool for a child.
Price $59.99 plus shipping. Block set will be shipped separately from other WAA orders. Pre-order now for Christmas delivery. LEGO®compatible.
Remember our fallen U.S. veterans. Honor those who serve. Teach your children the value of freedom.
  ​  ​  ​  ​
Order Now

Recognizing Our Partners

The Civil Air Patrol Helps Teach Through Living History

The Civil Air Patrol Helps Teach Through Living History

The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) introduces many young men and women today to the Air Force and the notion of uniformed service to our nation.
  ​  ​  ​  ​
Read More
Wreaths Across Americas "Trucking Tributes" Present Schneider

Wreaths Across America’s “Trucking Tributes” Present Schneider

When Al Schneider sold the family car and bought a truck 82 years ago, he turned to his fellow National Guard unit members as the company’s first employees.
  ​  ​  ​  ​
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In March 1794 Congress responded by calling for the construction of a half-dozen frigates. And, once again, the United States had a navy. Although the Continental navy was later dismantled, October 13, 1775 remains the U.S. Navy’s official birthday.

Did You Know? WAA In The News…

You Can Join in the Remembrance and Tribute to Liberation...

Land Donation For New National VA Cemetery will Help Maine Veterans

A national cemetery will be located in Washington County thanks to a donation by Worcester holdings. The company is donating more than six acres of land to establish a national cemetery.
  ​  ​  ​  ​
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Freedom Isn’t Free


Westpoint Alumni Glee Club Teaches History Through Music

Freedom Isn’t Free is a dynamic and inspirational musical journey of the men and women who have fought the nation’s wars and how those same men and women, as veterans, have helped to shape the nation and its destiny.
  ​  ​  ​  ​
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This Week in Social Media:

Florida Man Spends His One Day Off Cleaning Veterans Tombstones

Best Military Photos For The Week of October 7th

The military has talented photographers who capture what life as a service member is like during training and at war. Here are their best photos this week.
Read More
World War II survivor, 84, finally receives high school diploma

Daring Navy SEAL Dies in CA Skydiving Accident

A highly-decorated Navy SEAL, Cmdr. Seth Stone, was killed in a skydiving accident on Sept. 30. in Perris in Riverside County.
Read More
Babys Gender Revealed For Wife Of Fallen Soldier

Baby’s Gender Revealed For Wife Of Fallen Soldier

The wife of a fallen Fort Bragg soldier was just six weeks pregnant when she found out she would never see her husband again.
Read More
Korean War POW Earns Medal of Honor for Saving His Unit

Interview with a Three War Veteran

Three war veteran Virgil Ward, and his wife Merry Ward talk about his experiences throughout his military career.
Read More

Every weekday on Wreaths Across America Radio, we give thanks to a different trucking professional who donates time and effort to our mission! Tune In: https://buff.ly/2vPhzZ8

Wednesday Webinars:

100 Reasons Why Interview

100 Reasons Why Interview

#CountdownToWreathDay Interview with Marilyn Tully of Beechwoods Cemetery, PA
Watch Video
Voices Of Our Volunteers

Voices Of Our Volunteers

CountdownToWreathDay Interview with Harry Rathsam of Long Island National Cemetery
Watch Video

We would love to hear from you on any of these channels:

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​      ​​      ​​      ​

Do you know of a patriotic story for or about our veterans, that we should be sharing? We would love to hear it!

You can submit the basic details here, and we will follow up with you.
Note: Have you ever had a conversation with a “reporter-bot?” We set this up to collect stories 24/7 or whenever it is convenient for you, and then the WAA Social Media Team can join the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Mark Your Calendars:



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Join us on December 16th (the 3rd Saturday in December), 2017 for National Wreaths Across America Day. Use this map to find a location and sign up to volunteer. Can’t find a location near you? You can start one (adding new locations for 2017)!
Donate or Sign Up To Volunteer
“Remember this…. In truth a person dies twice, once when he stops breathing, and a second time when somebody mentions his or her name for the last time. Join us in December when over one million volunteers nationwide, will say the names of a million fallen out loud, to make sure they will never be forgotten.”

This Week’s Newsletter Is Sponsored By:

Worcester Wreath Company

What is a Veteran Wreath

What is a Veteran Wreath

In this video, WAA Founder Morrill Worcester explains the significance and symbolism of a veterans wreath, and shows how it is made with the same love and consideration to honor those who serve and sacrifice.
Watch This Video
10/10/2017 WAA eNewsletter
Wreaths Across America · PO Box 249 · 4 Point Street · Columbia Falls, ME 04623 · USA

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