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An item from the Legion Magazine.

Front Lines
The evolution of war photography

The evolution of war photography

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

In an age when technology limited most photography to static studio poses and bland, if not severe, countenances, Canadian army photographer William Rider-Rider elevated the art to a higher level under the most trying of circumstances.

Armed with a bulky 4√ó5 box camera, the lieutenant from London, England, captured striking images of Canadian soldiers in the trenches and among the ruins of First World War Europe. The locales, the faces and the circumstances humanize the history behind the photographs, bringing it to life as few did.


Front Lines Podcast
Military Milestones
Canadian leads coalition against Gadhafi

Canadian leads coalition against Gadhafi

Story by Sharon Adams

Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi responded harshly to opponents and citizens as the demonstrations of the Arab Spring devolved toward civil war in 2011. He vowed to eradicate them house by house.

To protect civilians, the United Nations called for a ceasefire and imposed a no-fly zone and 19 countries, led by NATO, intervened against Libyan military attacks and conducted a naval blockade.

The whole coalition effort‚ÄĒmore than 20 warships and nearly 200 warplanes‚ÄĒwas commanded by RCAF Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard.


This week in history
This week in history

March 17-18, 1813

The British at Fort Erie, on the Niagara River, begin an artillery duel, firing across the Niagara River on Black Rock, N.Y.


Iris Advantage
Legion Magazine

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