Ordeal at sea ⚓️

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Military Milestones
The U-Boat Hunter

Ordeal at sea

Story by Sharon Adams

At 7 p.m. June 25, 1944, at the end of a 10-hour anti-submarine patrol that had taken them 400 kilometres north of Scotland’s Shetland Islands, RCAF Flight Lieutenant David Ernest Hornell and his crew of eight aboard Canso 9754 were thinking of returning to land.

The weather was turning bad, with low clouds and rough seas. Should they return to Scotland, or divert to Iceland, more than 800 kilometres away?


Front Lines
The “Miracle of Dunkirk” came at high cost

Friend and foe depicted
anonymously in online exhibition

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

The art world is rife with paintings of old men. The halls of power, academia, galleries and museums are festooned with centuries’ worth of portraits of males who supposedly changed the world, a little or a lot.

So when it was suggested to artist Catherine Jones nearly 20 years ago that she start painting old men, she recoiled. That genre had been done to death, or so she thought.


Stainless Steel Straw
This week in history
This week in history

June 25, 1950

The Korean War starts; nearly 27,000 Canadians serve, 1,558 are wounded, 516 die.


Iris Advantage
Legion Magazine

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