Happy Thanksgiving! ūü¶É Travel Q&A; How Canadian expats are shaping the future

A notice from another one of our fellow Canadian organizations in the Bay Area.

Canadian Studies Announcements
In this issue:
  • Thanksgiving message¬†from program director Irene Bloemraad
  • Note: Newsletter will now come out every 2 weeks until Jan. 2021
  • Affiliate event:¬†Facing Border Closure Together to Flatten the Curve
  • External event:¬†Planet Canada: How Our Expats are Shaping the Future
ūüćā¬†Happy (American) Thanksgiving!¬†ūüćā
Dear Friends,
On behalf of the Canadian Studies Program, I’d like to wish all our friends in the United States a happy Thanksgiving, and offer my best wishes as we begin the holidays.
With the pandemic showing no signs of abating, this holiday season will require all of us to make difficult choices to protect the health of us and those around us. Many of our us won’t be able to travel or see our families in person this year. We’ll find ourselves having to modify or forego many cherished holiday traditions.
However, as I said in my Canadian Thanksgiving message, I believe that makes it all the more important to take stock of and express gratitude for all the good things in life. We are incredibly grateful for all of you – thanks to your support, Canadian Studies is ending this term in a good position to come back stronger than ever next year.
We also note that some members of Indigenous communities, such as UC Berkeley’s Elizabeth Hoover (Mohawk/Mi’kmaq descent) suggest other approaches to celebrating Thanksgiving that acknowledge and support Native people – click¬†here¬†to learn more.
On that note, we’ve reached the end of our Fall semester here at Canadian Studies, so beginning this week we’ll be returning to publishing our newsletter every two weeks. We’ll return to a weekly newsletter at the end of January, 2021.
Irene Bloemraad
Program Director
Affiliate Event: Facing Border Closure Together to Flatten the Curve
December 3 | 4:00 p.m. | RSVP here
Join the Consulate General of Canada in San Francisco and the Digital Moose Lounge for an important conversation on the extension of border closure regulations. This open-format community discussion will give you an opportunity to answer all your travel and immigration-related questions.
Panelists will include Consul-General Rana Sarkar and Senior Consular Officer Marni Kellison; Pavan Dhillon, a Canadian Studies board member and founder & principal attorney at Dhillon Immigration Law; Shauna Chevalier, a liaison officer for the Canada Border Services Agency; and Serge Corbeil, Director of Government Relations (Western Region) for Air Canada.
RSVP to Wade Wallerstein here.
External Event: Planet Canada: How Our Expats are Shaping the Future
December 9 | 9:00 a.m. | RSVP here
Join C100 for a special discussion with author John Stackhouse for a special discussion of his new book, Planet Canada: How Our Expats Are Shaping the Future.
Over three million Canadians live abroad, yet few know of their far-reaching impact: that Canadians have been at the forefront of almost every major global movement in modern history. In Planet Canada, Stackhouse presents fresh new data on our global Canadian community and asserts that this powerful diaspora could be the country’s greatest untapped resource.
Stackhouse a senior vice-president at the Royal Bank of Canada, leading¬†research on economic, technological and social change. He is also¬†a senior fellow at the C.D. Howe Institute and University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs, and is a former editor-in-chief of the¬†Globe and Mail.
RSVP to C100 here.
Canadian Studies Program
213 Moses Hall #2308
Canadian Studies Program | Univ. of California, Berkeley, 213 Moses Hall #2308, Berkeley, CA 94720

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