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Factory’s signage is well and truly on track

The signs team in RBLI’s social enterprise, Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company, have made enough railway signs during the pandemic that when laid end-to-end they would reach the Normandy beaches in France.

The team, which is based on our charity’s Aylesford village, have produced more than 150,000 signs since last year – amounting to more than 240,000 metres, or 150 miles of signs.

The signs which in total weigh more than 300 tonnes, would stretch from the factory’s base, across the English Channel, reaching the Normandy beaches – the historic site of the D-Day landings which set up the Allies to liberate Europe from Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

But instead, the signs have in fact been transported all over the UK to be installed alongside railways tracks to help keep the country moving.

Veterans Support Fellow RBLI Residents

Veterans living in our emergency accommodation Mountbatten Pavilion have been supporting their fellow RBLI residents by helping to clear the gardens of the village’s care homes.

Mountbatten Pavilion provides support for some of the more vulnerable veterans living on the RBLI village. The accommodation, is often the first port of call for homeless veterans or those facing financial difficulties and challenges with drug or alcohol misuse.

It’s here that they are first started on our STEP-IN programme, a fully supportive, wrap around welfare programme which is tailored to the individual’s needs. Whatever challenges they may face as a result of their service or from their life, our welfare team are on hand to start them on their journey back towards independence.

It’s always a great pleasure to see younger veterans overcome their challenges and support the older veterans living on our intergenerational village.

Luxury Care Home Now Recruiting

But it’s not just the outside of Gavin Astor House which is being revamped. The home, which was originally built in 1993, is currently undergoing significant refurbishment which will see it become a truly first-class dementia facility for elderly residents of Royal British Legion Industries’ village.


So now, ahead of its winter completion, RBLI are looking to recruit new carers to support the home’s new state-of-the-art environment.

If you know anyone who would be interested in working in a beautifully designed, luxury care home, then visit


Tours continue as the country opens up

As the country continued to open up from lockdown, RBLI proudly reopened its doors to welcome our factories’ customers, potential donors as well as close friends of the charity to showcase what we’ve been doing to support those most in need over the past 18 months.

These visits, which see us still follow strict hygiene and social distancing practices, are our opportunity to gain further support for our work. One such visit was Nigel Howell, chairman of award-winning residential property management company First Port, who came to see first-hand the work we have been doing to support those most in need.

Nigel, who is a Founding Patron of RBLI’s Tommy Club, said: “It was fantastic to see the invaluable support that RBLI offers to our veterans. I met with some incredible people who lived, worked and received support from the RBLI village. They have big plans for the future as they look to grow so they can support even more veterans.

“All of our support, be it donations or purchasing products from their online store will help them in helping more veterans than ever before.”

BBC Gardener’s World Live

RBLI’s two social enterprises based in Kent and Scotland met in the Midlands last weekend to showcase their wide range of products at BBC Gardener’s World Live.

Birmingham’s NEC welcomed Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company and Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Company as factory representatives showed off their Tommy garden range, which is available via our online shop, to members of the public.

The team showcased a wide range products – all made by veterans – including benches, planters and hedgehog houses, as well as garden Tommy products which are crafted by the team at Scotland’s Bravest.

You can see the wide selection of veteran-made products here:
Small Tommy Planter
Small Tommy Planter
Large Tommy Planter
Large Tommy Planter
Thank-you so much for your ongoing support for RBLI.
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