I Joined – Arthur Park

art-parkArthur “Art” Park
Associate Member
Since 1995

My uncle, Harold Cline, joined the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders of Canada at the outbreak of World War I.  He fought at Vimy Ridge and the Somme.  At the conclusion of the war, he graduated from dental school and practiced for many years in Vancouver, British Columbia.  He was elected arthur-parkPresident of the Canadian Dental Association around 1951.

As a Past President of Branch 25, I enjoyed the fellowship within the Royal Canadian Legion.  I have fond memories of participating in Remembrance Day ceremonies in the Canadian veterans section at Liberty Cemetery in Petaluma and the Memorial Day ceremonies in the Canadian veterans section at Greenlawn Cemetery in Colma.  And these are some of the reasons I have chosen to remain a member of the San Francisco Branch, even after returning back to British Columbia.

I joined for the fellowship and to honour the memory of my uncle, Harold Cline, who served during World War I.