Introducing the Florence Thank You Collection

This is a worthwhile venture to support from across the pond.

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Following the amazing award day on Wednesday 1st July to say thank you to all our carers and nurses here at Royal British Legion Industries, we have been overwhelmed by the social media response to Florence and the gifts we made.  So many people are asking if they can buy the gifts for people they also want to say Thank You to.

The Thank You award which was created for our carers was unique and there will only ever be 110 made and they were given out on Wednesday.  However with this in mind we have decided that whilst our Thank You award was a limited edition and especially for our RBLI carers we have created a slightly different, smaller, award that we are going to offer to the general public.

In addition as the feedback for the gifts we created has had such a fantastic reaction we have carried on printing additional gift products that you can buy.  We are naming it our Thank You collection.

We do hope you will take a look on the RBLI shop website.

Frontline nurses and carers today face their own battle against an invisible deadly enemy which threatens not only those they care for, but also themselves. Over recent months, teams of nurses and carers all over the country have gone into battle themselves, just as Florence did, to provide crucial care to those who need it most. RBLI’s care team work across our village which provides a home to more than 300 veterans and their families. The team look after veterans with life-changing injuries and mental scars brought about by conflict as well as elderly residents who have multiple, challenging health conditions, including dementia.
All of RBLI’s veteran residents are particularly vulnerable to both Covid-19 and to the time spent in isolation. During the Covid-19 pandemic our carers have worked long hours, facing the fear every day they will lose those they care deeply about, and it is their dedication and professionalism that has carried them through. Not only have they fought this virus, they have also made life better, happier, and fuller, for all our veterans. RBLI’s care and welfare approach – which is called STEP IN – is to put personal interests, goals, hobbies and skills at the centre of our care. It brings everyone into a positive and active community.
Everyone at RBLI, residents and staff alike know that the impact of their care will last for decades. The iconic image of the Lady with the Lamp – her practices and her dedication to the care of our nation’s heroes – lives on in our carers today. We hope that just like Florence their work, in the face of an unprecedented nursing challenge, will never be forgotten.
Florence Nightingale undoubtedly saved the lives of many, including countless wounded, injured and sick members of the British Armed Forces. With her pioneering practices laying at the very heart of modern nursing, which today faces an unprecedented challenge with COVID-19, the legacy of this great woman’s work is felt now more than ever.
Born 200 years ago this year in her name-sake city, Florence, Italy, Florence Nightingale has become a national symbol of wellbeing, health, compassion and care. An iconic figure, Nightingale made her name as the Lady with the Lamp, caring for military personnel in dangerous conditions during the Crimean War. That war saw thousands of soldiers who were sent to fight in October 1853 – soldiers who months later would find themselves chronically undersupplied, thousands of miles from home and bearing the brunt of war.
Twelve long months after making that journey, almost 20,000 troops found themselves in military hospitals, scarred physically and mentally by conflict, where poor sanitation and chronic understaffing left them in inhuman conditions. They were without the care needed for the wellbeing of any human being, let alone those who had risked their lives for their country. Florence Nightingale was asked to organise a corps of nurses to be sent over to improve the care of soldiers left sick and injured by that ghastly war. It was there where she would build her ever-lasting legacy.
She worked tirelessly to sanitise the filthy hospitals and care for the soldiers at their bedside in a way which made way for the modern concept of good bedside manner. Her compassion saw her work late into the night, moving from bed to bed by lamplight, tending to battle-weary soldiers who had risked their lives, earning her the title of the “Lady with the Lamp.” Florence put in place a long line of influential procedures which during the 20th century standardised infection control measures, and best practice, this has influenced the nursing profession of today. Those early foundations demonstrated that nursing at scale could save thousands, even millions of lives. Florence’s dedication providing the high quality care worthy of a soldier, and the legacy that followed, lives on in the nurses and carers of today.
Martin Barraud founder of We Make You Think, is an installation artist and award-winning conceptual photographer who in 2016 created the iconic Tommy, recently helping RBLI in its very successful VE Day Campaign. His latest project with the charity has seen him create the striking Florence Nightingale image. Both Tommy and Florence, Martin says, engage with a single figure to represent great sacrifice and dedication for the wellbeing of millions. His inspiring Florence image reflects the carers who have served on the frontline during the Covid 19 pandemic.
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Canada Day Wrap Up, and Happy Independence Day

A follow-up item from a fellow Canadian organization here in California.

Canada Day at Your House

On Wednesday evening, July 1st, we held our annual Canada Day celebration virtually, for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home. We want to say THANK YOU to the over 4,000 people who watched our celebration from all over the world!

Also, a BIG thanks to our friends at Canadians Abroad Los Angeles and Canadians in San Diego! Through this partnership, we wanted to bring Canadian acting, musical, comedic, and athletic talent to your home. We’re proud to have showcased the Consulate General of Canada’s Top 20 in 20 to support Canadians on the front-line of COVID-19 relief efforts, and an important message in support of the Black Lives Matter movement to highlight our group’s shared commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Don’t worry if you missed the live event! You can replay the event, as well as catch individual performances on our YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe to catch new clips from the show as we add them.

Canada Day Videos
We are pleased to announce the winner of Air Canada’s two roundtrip flights to Connie Dang Castellon. Dafne Gokcen and Darren Bigras also take home limited editions of Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka!

A special thank you to Zaib Shaikh and his team at the Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles, our sponsors Anna Innis from Air Canada and Crystal Head Vodka and our Canadian-owned food and beverage partners (Ventura Spirits, Republic of Pink, Urban Press Winery, Laguna Canyon Winery, Fresh on Sunset, JOEY Restaurants and Poutine Brothers.)

Most importantly, we want to thank our friends from Canadians Abroad Los Angeles and Canadians in San Diego! We all came together with a shared vision of supporting YOU in this time of need and we hope we brought a smile to your face from the comfort of your own home.

As you know, now is a crucial time for Canadians here in California and everywhere to support one another. We are a diverse, unique, and strong membership and we want to continue to bring a face to the heroes of COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Happy Independence Day

From Canadians in Orange County to our Canadian community living here in the United States, we want to wish you all a Happy “4th of July” weekend!

While we’re proud of where we came from, and also acknowledge and respect where we choose to live. While social distancing and protecting others by wearing masks is still recommended, we hope you’re able to enjoy small family gatherings over some BBQ and beers!

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Your Marine Club News for July 2020

A newsletter from a fellow veterans organization in the Bay Area.


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This MonthThis year, Independence Day will resonate in many different ways for Americans from coast to coast. However you choose to celebrate, please be safe and stay well.

If you have not yet seen our Public Service Announcement that began airing on San Francisco TV channels 4, 5 and 7, watch it here. Spearheaded by MMA Board Member Kevin O’Brien, it is a terrific introduction to the Marines’ Memorial mission and Club, and a call to veterans and others in the Bay Area to discover and join us.

We are so proud of what we have here; proud of our dedicated staff members who keep it running smoothly through good times and bad; and especially proud of you, our members, whose support continues to sustain our mission. THANK YOU!

Your Home Away From Home

Planning a Stay at Your Club


Throughout the pandemic crisis, the Marines’ Memorial’s Hotel facilities have remained open for essential travel. Rest assured that we follow all recommended safety/hygiene guidelines. With summer here and many of us dreaming of travel, we want you to feel safe and confident in planning a vacation stay at your Club.

We look forward to welcoming you back with all of the warmth and hospitality you deserve!




GIFT CARD Promotion Through 31 July


FOR MEMBERS ONLY, we are offering extra value on Gift Cards purchased this month.

$100.00 purchase = $120.00  value
$300.00 purchase = $375.00 value
$500.00 purchase = $650.00 value

Gift cards can be used for guestroom accommodations, restaurant, and Marine Club Store items. Also consider using it to gift the first year’s membership donation for a veteran you bring on board.

Gift Card purchases are non-refundable and become valid 7 days after purchase. Each member may purchase a maximum of 10 gift cards, which can be shipped to any US destination for free. Gift Cards do not expire.


Let’s Stay Connected

A Greeting from Your Marines’ Memorial Family


We miss you! Click on the link below to see some familiar faces and hear our hopes for you and for the day we get to see you again at your Club.


Take a Virtual Tour of the Living Memorial


If you have not yet seen this excellent video tour, hosted by Col Brendan Kearney, USMC (Ret.), why not take a moment now? It’s a great reminder of the power of honoring our legacy, and of what makes the Marines’ Memorial Club so unique.


Explore Our YouTube Channel


Are there events you’ve attended, enjoyed and would like to revisit? Or a few you couldn’t make it to? Well, settle in: there are dozens of videos here, including Meet the Author, Commemorations, George P. Shultz Lecture Series, other special Speaker Events, and more.


Let Us Hear from You!


As we shelter in place, many of us are doing our best to “make lemonade,” tackling home projects, getting back to hobbies we’ve missed, or embarking on new learning adventures. A 95-year-old we know has become a whiz at Zoom so she can see her great grandchildren. How about you? What are you doing to stay sane, entertained, productive, and socially connected?


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This is truly a win-win! Benefactor membership privileges include: Lifetime Membership, a special Benefactor Holiday (2 nights plus $50 for dinner in the Leatherneck Steakhouse), Suite Upgrades at no charge (based on availability), 15% Discount on Food and Beverage, 15% at Marine Club Store, and Advance Reservations for select MMC events.


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Like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram for updates on upcoming events and updates. Click on the links below or search marinesmemorial. 


More for Members

Wedding on a Budget? Take a look at our Skyline Package.

New Skyline 1-MCM.jpg

Let’s be optimistic and look forward to a beautiful 2020 wedding season. Consider your Club’s Skyline Wedding Package. Available Sunday and Monday evenings only, your all-inclusive celebration for 50 to 90 guests takes place on the Club’s 12th floor, with stunning views, expert event coordination, exceptional service, and gourmet catering.


Reciprocal Clubs Worldwide: Download the List 


When the all-clear comes, the travelers among us will be making plans. As a member, you have reciprocal privileges at over 250 private clubs around the world! The complete listing of our Reciprocal Clubs, including addresses and contact information, is available for download here.

In Our Theatre |


The Marines’ Memorial Theatre is dark for now, but we’ll be back. Watch this space and the Theatre’s website for updates.

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Get Ready For Giving In July – Mission Matter Newsletter From Wreaths Across America

A newsletter from the Wreaths Across America organization.

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On Wednesday, July 1st, we officially begin our month-long celebration of Giving in July!

The entire month of July is dedicated to sharing the Wreaths Across America mission to REMEMBER, HONOR, and TEACH by highlighting those giving back to their local communities. As we kick off #GivingInJuly, we invite you to join us by giving to other like-minded charities, community programs, and civic groups who are contributing to your local community.

This year, we’re especially excited to be hosting a VIRTUAL Giving in July Concert Event LIVE on the Wreaths Across America – Official Facebook Page, on Sunday, July 19th, from 7-10pm EST!

Join us for this LIVE event where you’ll enjoy our featured music artists who embody patriotism, are supportive of our country’s veterans and their families, and who are actively involved in furthering the Wreaths Across America mission to REMEMBER, HONOR, and TEACH. You’ll also hear a touching message from Operation RedWing Lone Survivor, United States Navy SEAL (RET) Marcus Luttrell and his wife, Melanie. In addition, we’ll be highlighting volunteers from all across the country and their stories of giving back to their local communities.

Remember. Honor. Teach.

Help a Sponsorship Group Giving Back in Your Community!

In 2007, Wreaths Across America expanded its annual wreath placement event to enable groups and organizations to support national, state and local participating cemeteries across the country. We established the Group Sponsorship Program to benefit other like-minded charities, community programs and civic groups through the sale of wreath sponsorships for participating locations. Sponsorship Groups that sign up as a $5-back member, receive $5-of-each-$15 wreath sponsorship to be used for their own local programs happening in the community.

Since its start, Wreaths Across America has given back more than $12M to programs across the country through this offering.

Support a Sponsorship Group Today!

We are #AmericaStrong

“In these troubled times, it’s important for us as Americans to look to those who have served and sacrificed for our freedom and emulate their character and courage. Having been given the freedom to agree, disagree and compromise we must come together to build a path to the future for the next generation instilling in them the responsibility to care for that freedom. Together we can and will face these difficult times ahead with renewed commitment to remain, as always, America Strong!”

– Karen Worcester, Executive Director, Wreaths Across America

Monthly Features

Sponsor Spotlight – GEICO

We would like to extend THANKS to our new Corporate Sponsor GEICO for their generous donation of $100,000! Their commitment to the communities in which their employees and customers live and work is valued. This donation goes to support wreath sponsorships at 19 participating locations across the country! We look forward to having the GEICO team join us in placing wreaths on National Wreaths Across America Day this December 19th, 2020.

Stem to Stone Race Tour 2020

JULY 18 
Columbia Falls, Maine

This will be our first IN-PERSON event, and it will also feature the VIRTUAL aspect for those who would still like to participate, but cannot attend.

Each race registration will place a veteran’s wreath this December, at the location of your choosing. Participants will receive a race bib where they can write who they are running to remember, a finishers medal, and an event t-shirt.

Register Now

Kid’s Corner

Kid’s Corner will be featured on our website blog and in our monthly newsletter. Tune into Wreaths Radio during Fun Fridays to hear our youth announcers. You won’t want to miss it!

This month, Wreaths Across America’s Kid’s Corner Presents Emma Landrum in Decatur, Alabama

Check it out!
Featured 2020 Merchandise

 #AmericaStrong and Wreaths Across America Bandanas

Not only can you wear your WAA banana 12 different ways, but you’ll also be supporting the Wreaths Across America mission to REMEMBER, HONOR, and TEACH, while showing that we are #AmericaStrong!

Shop Now


Join us each month for a small sampling of the amazing stories we hear of Americans stepping up in their communities and living lives worth fighting for. 

Danville veteran receives new roof for free

Read More

Crown Point Boy Scouts fulfill dying veteran’s wish

Read More

Volunteers clean up Louisville’s Greenwood Cemetery where soldiers, pastors are buried

Read More

100th birthday drive by for WWII Navy Veteran

Watch Video

D-Day veteran presented with van

Read More

Hundreds Pay Final Respects to World War II Veteran

Read More

Connect With Us:
Contact Us:

Phone: 1 (877) 385 9504

Wreaths Across America HQ, 4 Point Street, Columbia Falls, ME 04623

CWGC Newsletter

We received this newsletter on Canada Day, but haven’t had the opportunity to post it until now.

Welcome to this week’s edition of the CWGC Newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of our refreshed newsletter, packed every fortnight with the latest updates from CWGC around the world.

After a three-month closure, the CWGC Experience has reopened and welcomed its first French visitors of the summer. And while most of you will be staying closer to home, we’ve got plenty of ways you can join us on a virtual adventure instead! We are delighted to present a special CWGC Live broadcast from the Menin Gate in Belgium, while our latest podcast episode will transport you to the Far East and this week’s blog celebrates some of the hidden gems under our care in Canada.

Public Access to the Last Post Ceremony to Resume

We are pleased to announce that the Last Post ceremony will resume this evening, 1 July 2020, following the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions in Belgium. With social distancing measures in place, limited numbers of members of the public will, for the first time in over three months, be able to attend the ceremony usually held every evening under the CWGC’s Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.
For all those unable to travel, we will be live broadcasting this Last Post ceremony on our Facebook channels from 6.30pm (UK time) to mark the return of members of the public to the daily act of remembrance.

Tune into our live broadcast via Facebook by clicking on the link below!

Watch Live

The CWGC Experience Reopens

As government guidelines begin to relax across Europe, the CWGC is pleased to announce that our award-winning visitor centre, the CWGC Experience, also reopened to the public with social distancing measures in place on Monday 29 June.

Discover our Podcasts

Listen to the latest episode of the CWGC Podcast, The Royal Navy, hosted by CWGC Historian Max Dutton, with special guest Dr Nick Hewitt of the National Museum of the Royal Navy. Hear the discussion of the role of the Royal Navy in the Pacific 75 years ago.

Read CWGC’s Latest Blog

This Canada Day we wanted to highlight some of our sites out in Canada which commemorate those lost during the two World Wars. So, we asked Catherine Paterson, Work Manager for CWGC, to take us through five Canadian CWGC cemeteries and memorials which you probably never knew existed.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is calling on the public to take part in a virtual act of remembrance through giving you the chance to pay tribute to those who served in the World Wars.
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