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700 Wing RCAF Association Aviation Memorial Ceremony

An item from the RCAF Association.

EDMONTON, AB, September 23, 2021:

The 700 (City of Edmonton) Royal Canadian Air Force Association will be conducting an Aviation Memorial Stone Dedication Ceremony to induct 10 new members to the Aviation Memorial.
This outdoor ceremony will take place in front of the Alberta Aviation Museum at the Aviation Memorial on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021, at 6 p.m. As stated, the ceremony will add 10 new members to the Aviation Memorial including three members from the same family, the Reilly family. Jack and Molly Reilly were married and are BOTH members of Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame. Their son, Patrick Reilly, inevitably joined the aviation world himself and now, at age 59, has over 13,000 flying hours. Other inductees include former military veterans, mechanics, and air traffic controllers.

Background: Aviation Memorial This Memorial is a tribute to Aviation and is dedicated to all Aviation people and organizations that have contributed to aviation, with emphasis but by no means exclusively towards Alberta based aviation. While described as a Memorial, the living and the deceased, and current and past organizations, are included in the monument. The names of inductees are permanently inscribed on inlaid granite stones within it. Each side of the Memorial itself represents one of three key categories of aviation, and all of these have operated at the former Blatchford Field Airport. One category is for Bush Pilots, Pioneers and Experimenters. A second is the Commercial Air Industry. And finally, our Air Forces, or Military aviation. The Aviation Memorial stones themselves are inlaid in an area representing a propeller. On the top of the monument is a cone depicting the nose of the propeller. Three flagpoles are installed opposite each point of the propeller.

For more information on the 700 (City of Edmonton) Wing Royal Canadian Air Force Association, please visit https://www.700wing.com.

For more information about the Royal Canadian Air Force Association, please visit http://rcafassociation.ca.

Media Contact Name: David Jackson Chair, Board of Directors Phone: 780 918-0967 e-mail: rcaf.jackson@gmail.com

Aviation Memorial Contact Name: Sylvia Loewen Aviation Memorial Chair, Phone: 780 996-4836, e-mail maxace@shaw.ca

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Royal Canadian Air Force Association,405-222 Somerset St. West Ottawa ON K2P 2G3 CANADA, Phone Number:(613) 232-4281, Fax Number: (613) 232-2156, Email Address: director@airforce.ca, Website : http://rcafassociation.ca

Battle of Britain 2021 Commemoration – 783 Wing Calgary (Virtual)

An item from our colleagues in the Royal Canadian Air Force Association that may be of interest to members.

For information regarding the 783 Wing (Calgary) Battle of Britain Commemoration 2021, please visit this webpage here, at this link.

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Royal Canadian Air Force Association,405-222 Somerset St. West Ottawa ON K2P 2G3 CANADA, Phone Number:(613) 232-4281, Fax Number: (613) 232-2156, Email Address: director@airforce.ca, Website : http://rcafassociation.ca

Battle of Britain Commemoration (Ottawa) 2021 – Sunday 19 September 2021

An item from our colleagues in the RCAF Association, and members should note the option to participate in the service virtually.

Plans are coming together for the annual Battle of Britain Commemoration 2021 here in Ottawa, for Sunday 19 September 2021.

COVID-19 measures remain in place, which means the ceremony is not open to the public. Anyone wishing to participate is invited to do so on-line, by accessing this link via their internet connection: www.facebook.com/RCAF/ARC

The commemoration begins at 10:00 AM with the Mounting of the Cadet Colour Party and posting of the vigil. On arrival of the Commander RCAF the formal part of the ceremony will commence at 10:30 AM.

For questions please do not hesitate to contact director@airforce.ca (613.612.7223)

Matthew Carson CD, 410 Wing, RCAF Association, Veterans Community Outreach, Battle of Britain Ceremony 2021

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Fighter Aircraft & Aerospace Technology Blog

An item from our colleagues at the RCAF Association.

Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) Billie Flynn, CD, MBA, MSc – was a 20+ year veteran of the RCAF, former commanding officer 441 Squadron and senior test pilot with Lockheed Martin flying the most advanced fighter aircraft – the F-35 Lightning II.

Billie has joined the RCAF Association and on his behalf I am delighted to share with all our members the “blog” site Billie has created, as part of his effort to help inform Canadians about related and important aspects of their country’s air force.

You can find the site here at this link.

There are three stories published thus far: “Stealth Matters, Cell Phones and Fighter Planes, and, One Last Chance to Get it Right.”

This e-mail was sent from Royal Canadian Air Force Association (rcaf_list@airforce.ca)

Royal Canadian Air Force Association,405-222 Somerset St. West Ottawa ON K2P 2G3 CANADA, Phone Number:(613) 232-4281, Fax Number: (613) 232-2156, Email Address: director@airforce.ca, Website : http://rcafassociation.ca

Veterans’ Affairs Minister Message on Afghanistan – Letter to Stakeholders / Lettre aux intervenants

An item from our colleagues at the RCAF Association.

To: VAC Stakeholder Community,

These past few weeks have been incredibly difficult for our Veteran community. With the Taliban’s rapid advance across Afghanistan, it appears that the entire country could soon be under their control.

Given all it represents to so many of our Afghan Veterans, the fall of Kandahar will surely be particularly challenging. Having never worn the uniform, I know I will never be able to understand what so many of those who served there are grappling with.

As Minister, though, I want to provide some resources that I hope might be of use for those of you – and to those you serve – who might understandably be struggling with the situation in Afghanistan.

  • At Veterans Affairs, please know that the VAC Assistance Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Veterans, former RCMP members, families, and caregivers can call to speak with a mental health professional, free of charge, at 1-800-268-7708 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-567-5803.)
  • For those still serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, support is available to members and their families at each Canadian Forces Health Services centre across the country.
  • The Member Assistance Program also offers 24/7 confidential short-term counselling to members and their families, and can be reached at 1-800-268-7708 (TDD 1-800-567-5803.)
  • Some additional information on mental health resources can also be found through the Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada.

Because of what Canadians achieved in Afghanistan, lives have been changed, unquestionably, for the better. There are children who received medicine that allowed them to reach their teens when they otherwise wouldn’t have. There are now young women studying law, physics, and journalism at some of the world’s finest universities who would never have gotten that opportunity.

Time will tell us what those stories mean, but I choose to believe that the world will be better for them.

However this chapter in Afghanistan’s history ends, Canada will not forget the actions of the more than 40,000 of our remarkable men and women who served there – the stories of their sacrifice will outlast them.

Our kids and grandkids are going to learn about the Canadians who fought and gave their lives in the streets and poppy fields of Kandahar, just like they will about the ones who fought and gave their lives at Vimy Ridge and Juno Beach.

Their wars might be different, but their stories are fundamentally the same. They went off to serve their country, and they did all that was asked of them and more.

How our Afghanistan Veterans and their families will come to understand their sacrifices is surely not for me to say, but I can promise that Canada will remain forever grateful for their service.

Please take care, and thank you for the work you all continue to do in support of our Veterans and their families.


Lawrence MacAulay
Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence


Destinataires: Communauté des intervenants d’ACC,

Les dernières semaines ont été extrêmement difficiles pour notre communauté de vétérans. Avec l’avancée rapide des talibans en Afghanistan, il semble que tout le pays pourrait bientôt être sous leur contrôle.

Compte tenu de tout ce qu’elle représente pour tant de nos vétérans de l’Afghanistan, la chute de Kandahar sera sûrement particulièrement difficile. N’ayant jamais porté l’uniforme, je sais que je ne pourrai jamais comprendre ce à quoi sont confrontées les personnes qui ont servi.

En tant que ministre, cependant, je veux fournir des ressources qui, je l’espère, pourraient être utiles à ceux d’entre vous – et à ceux que vous avez servi – qui pourraient naturellement être bouleversés par la situation en Afghanistan.

  • À Anciens Combattants, sachez que le Service d’aide d’ACC est disponible 24 heures par jour, 7 jours sur 7. Les vétérans, les anciens membres de la GRC, les membres de leur famille et leurs aidants peuvent appeler pour parler à un professionnel de la santé mentale, sans frais, au 1-800-268-7708 (ATS : 1-800-567-5803).
  • Pour les personnes qui servent toujours au sein des Forces armées canadiennes, du soutien est mis à leur disposition ainsi qu’à celle de leur famille dans chacun des centres de Services de santé des Forces canadiennes au pays.
  • Le Programme d’aide aux membres offre également des services confidentiels de relation d’aide à court terme 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7 aux membres et à leur famille; il est disponible au 1-800-268-7708 (ATS 1-800-567-5803).
  • Des informations supplémentaires sur les ressources en santé mentale peuvent également être trouvées auprès des Forces armées canadiennes et d’Anciens Combattants Canada.

Grâce à ce que les Canadiens ont accompli en Afghanistan, des vies ont été changées, sans aucun doute pour le mieux. Il y a des enfants qui ont reçu des médicaments qui leur ont permis d’atteindre l’adolescence alors qu’ils n’auraient pas pu autrement. Il y a maintenant des jeunes femmes qui étudient le droit, la physique et le journalisme dans certaines des meilleures universités du monde qui n’auraient jamais eu cette possibilité.

Le temps nous dira ce que ces histoires signifient, mais je choisis de croire que le monde sera meilleur pour eux.

Quelle que soit la fin de ce chapitre de l’histoire de l’Afghanistan, le Canada n’oubliera pas les actions de plus de 40 000 de nos hommes et femmes remarquables qui ont servi là-bas – les histoires de leur sacrifice leur survivront.

Nos enfants et petits-enfants vont en apprendre davantage sur les Canadiens qui se sont battus et ont donné leur vie dans les rues et les champs de pavot de Kandahar, tout comme ils le feront à propos de ceux qui se sont battus et ont donné leur vie à la crête de Vimy et à Juno Beach.

Leurs guerres sont peut-être différentes, mais leurs histoires sont fondamentalement les mêmes. Ils sont allés servir leur pays, et ils ont fait tout ce qu’on leur a demandé et plus encore.

Ce n’est sûrement pas à moi de dire quelle signification les vétérans de l’Afghanistan et leur famille tireront de leurs sacrifices, mais je peux promettre que le Canada restera à jamais reconnaissant pour leur service.

Prenez soin de vous et merci pour le travail que vous continuez tous à faire pour soutenir nos vétérans et leur famille.


Lawrence MacAulay
Ministre des Anciens Combattants et ministre associé de la Défense nationale