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Two pictures, a thousand stories and millions of lives

From the Legion Magazine.

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Front lines
Iwo Jima
Soviet Flag over the Reichstag

Two pictures, a thousand stories
and millions of lives

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. These two pictures spawned a thousand stories and to this day, some 70 years later, they speak in profound reflection to two triumphs and the prices paid.

Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima by Joe Rosenthal and Soviet Flag over the Reichstag by Yevgeny Khaldei are two of the most iconic photographs of the Second World War.

But their genesis and their evolution in the archive of immortal photographs have taken a long and circuitous route through history.


The short heroic life of Buzz Beurling

The short heroic life of Buzz Beurling

Story by Don Gillmor

George (Buzz) Beurling was credited with 31½ “kills” in the Second World War, more than any other Canadian pilot, and was awarded the Distinguished Service Order, Distinguished Flying Cross and two Distinguished Flying Medals. He was a gifted pilot, a superb marksman and fearless in battle. He died young, at 26. These qualities are usually enough to create a mythic figure, but Beurling failed to capture the public imagination the way First World War ace Billy Bishop did, and he wasn’t beloved by fellow pilots or his superior officers.


This week in history
This Week in History

May 30, 1814

The British are ambushed and defeated in a skirmish at Sandy Creek, N.Y.


Hearing Life

D-Day 1944 – Juno Beach

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The Battle of Normandy was the beginning of the end of the Second World War in Northwest Europe. Canadian soldiers, sailors and airmen helped turn the tide towards victory when they landed on Juno Beach and won hard-fought battles against a determined enemy in the summer of 1944. The cost was high with more than 5,000 Canadians killed between June and August. In words and pictures, Canada‘s Ultimate Story presents a detailed account on Canada’s historic contribution.


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May 2018 Mission Matters Newsletter

From the Wreaths Across America organization.

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While we feel that every month should be Military Appreciation Month, the entire month of May is dedicated to honoring and remembering our nation’s military, culminating with Memorial Day. Military Appreciation Month is the perfect time to thank a veteran, remember the sacrifices they made, and teach the next generation about the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Decoration Day, as Memorial Day was originally known, was conceived in May 1868 and was first observed at Arlington National Cemetery to bring together the families of the fallen to help heal the wounds of a war that had threatened to tear our young nation apart. The tradition endures nearly 150 years later at national cemeteries across the country.

This Monday, as a nation, we will observe Memorial Day. It is not just for barbecues, shopping, or having the day off from work. It is a day when all Americans should remember and reflect upon those who have fought and died for our country and who now lay in peace.

With thanks,
Karen Worcester
Wreaths Across America
Executive Director

In Memory Of
This Memorial Day, honor the memory of your hero by sponsoring a wreath in their memory.
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Be Their Witness
Wreaths Across America wants to hear the names and stories of those that you honor today, and every day. Be their witness by sharing their stories here. On Memorial Day we will randomly select four participants to receive 100 sponsored wreaths to honor the heroes at the cemetery of their choosing this December.
Share Their Stories

Monthly Features


These individuals help to make our mission a reality every day. This month, we spoke with Marcy Bearsdley.  Marcy is the Wreaths Across America Locations and Fundraising Group Supervisor, but some know her as Employee #1.

Meet Marcy


Vet Centers are community-based centers, within the Veterans Health Administration’s Readjustment Counseling Service, which was founded in 1979 as a safe place for Vietnam Veterans to process life after service in combat. These locations were staffed by fellow combat Veterans and was the beginning of the peer to peer model in VA.

It’s not what we do,but WHY we do it.

The month of May contains at least four significant celebrations each year. They are VE Day; Mother’s Day; Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day. This Armed Forces Day, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Wayne Hanson was honored to take part in the 2018 Vietnam Commemoration, USS Constitution Underway Demonstration, in Boston Harbor, on May 18th.
Read the full story on the blog here.  
How Do We Appreciate Our Military? 

Recognizing Vietnam Veteransat Fenway Park

On June 2, Wreaths Across America will be hosting the dedication ceremony for the Medal of Honor Remembrance Park in Maine.  The event is part of Wreaths Across America’s Stem to Stone Remembrance Tree program and will honor the 3,517 Medal of Honor Recipients by dedicating an 8-acre park to them on the tip land where balsam is harvested for veterans’ wreaths each December.

The dedication ceremony will begin at 11:30 am ET and be shared live on our Facebook page, we hope you will join us!

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Trucking Tribute: BNSF Railway
That’s right! This edition of “Trucking Tributes” should be called transportation tributes because this story is about moving America’s respect on our country’s rail lines to ensure no fallen hero is ever forgotten.
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Who won the war in Europe?

From the Legion Magazine.

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Front lines
Who won the war in Europe? Historians weigh in

Who won the war in Europe?
Historians weigh in

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

History isn’t always what we might assume it to be, and there appears to be no consensus among nations over the question of which country contributed most to the Allies’ Second World War victory in Europe.The North American public tends to assume that the United States played the greatest role in bringing about VE-Day. But don’t tell that to a Russian.

Front Lines approached Legion Magazine’s stable of respected war historians with the question: Who played the greatest role in the Second World War’s Allied victory in Europe—the United States, the United Kingdom, or the Soviet Union? And why? Here are their answers:


Canada and the Second World War: The Battles
Prisoners of War

Prisoners of War
Stories by Sharon Adams and Todd E. Caissie

Canadians taken captive in the First and Second World Wars experienced brutality and starvation in prison camps, sometimes suffering years of confinement that compromised their health and sanity.

This new special web feature uncovers the true stories of Canadians who were captured in WW I and WW II through captivating narration and informed research on their experiences. The site also includes a bonus story on the fascinating treatment of PoWs on Canadian soil.


This week in history
This Week in History

May 24, 1944

Lieutenant-Colonel John Mahony successfully holds his company’s position amid counterattacks at the Melfa River in Italy. For these actions, he receives the Victoria Cross.


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