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Polishing our patriotism. Mission Matters Newsletter from Wreaths Across America.

A newsletter from the Wreaths Across America organization.

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While 2020 has been an interesting year (to say the least), it’s also been a year of people coming together to help their neighbors. Nationwide, our volunteers have stepped up and pitched in to not only HONOR and REMEMBER our veterans, but to give back to their very own communities.

This past month, Wreaths Across America led by example, by transitioning our annual concert into our first ever Virtual Concert, drawing in support from thousands of Americans. The media
attention surrounding this event was incredible! We had almost 300 stories nationwide, in 42 of the 50 states, which has a positive impact on the mission of Wreaths Across America to REMEMBER, HONOR, and TEACH.

During our virtual concert, Karen Worcester, our Executive Director, declared, “THERE WILL BE A WREATHS DAY THIS YEAR!”

While the Wreaths Across America ceremonies may look a bit different than usual, efforts to honor and remember all our nation’s heroes won’t stop until the mission is complete. Just like our veterans, we will adapt and improvise!

When December 19th rolls around and we’re all standing proud, in unity, to HONOR and REMEMBER our nation’s veterans at each of our Wreaths Across America Day ceremonies, our hearts will be full as we reflect back on this past year that’s helped us grow and change and become even stronger than we ever thought we could become.

Remember. Honor. Teach.

“During our Giving in July Virtual Concert I talked a lot about the need to polish our patriotism. And the more I think about this, the more it resonates with me. During difficult times it can be hard to see the good, and I personally feel that it is what we are experiencing right now in this country. It’s time for people to come together to unite in their communities and find common ground. I hope Wreaths Across America’s mission to Remember the fallen, Honor those that served and their families, and Teach the next generation the value of freedom can be one of these unifiers. I can guarantee you that National Wreaths Across America Day is going to happen this December, so please join us in the mission and get involved in your community today! Let’s work together to polish our patriotism and let it shine.”

#AmericaProud #AmericaStrong.

– Karen Worcester, Executive Director, Wreaths Across America

Monthly Features

Tiger Flight 739 Monument Groundbreaking

On Friday, July 17, a ceremonial groundbreaking was held at the site of the monument that will be built this year in honor of the lives lost on March 16, 1962, over the Western Pacific Ocean.  The aircraft was transporting 93 jungle-trained U.S. Army Rangers and 3 South Vietnamese soldiers from Travis Air Force Base in California to Saigon, Vietnam. After refueling in Guam, the flight was en route to the Philippines when communication was lost and it disappeared. All 107 aboard were declared missing and presumed dead. For nearly 60 years, surviving families have received no answers and the names of these young soldiers have yet to be added to the Vietnam Wall in D.C., after years of petitioning Congress to ensure they are remembered.

Wreaths Across America and its founder Morrill Worcester are honored to provide some healing for these families with a new memorial to be located on the tip land amongst the balsam fir trees adorned with replica dog tags of thousands of fallen heroes.

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Wreaths Across America’s Mobile Education Exhibit

“Remember, Honor, Teach” is a phrase you’ll likely hear repeated more than a few times across the nation as the Wreaths Across America’s Mobile Education Exhibit (MEE) has been visiting states across the country.
The MEE, contains colorfully illustrated informational panels, a small theater, and is a place where visitors have an opportunity to explore and honor veterans as well as learn more about the organization through videos, interactive connections, and a knowledgeable staff.

Communities are welcoming the MEE with open arms and enthusiastic support, while media attention has been both positive and inspiring. With a little more than a month under our belt back on the road, we have seen about 75 newspaper, radio, TV and on-line articles all geared toward the local communities being visited and the stories of Vietnam Veterans who are being welcomed home (many, for the very first time).
Stefan Brann, the MEE driver and caretaker said “When you see the good that this does, when you see the families of veterans, veterans themselves and how much it means to them, you can’t help but be touched by it, and you just want to be a part of it.”

It is important to note that these visits are all in compliance with CDC Safety Guidelines and also meet, or exceed, any state requirements and/or suggestions. This diligent effort on behalf of the MEE team has helped make this a safe event to attend and a much needed reminder of what Americans can accomplish when we all work together.

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Join us each month for a small sampling of the amazing stories we hear of Americans stepping up in their communities and living lives worth fighting for. 

Sevier County wounded warrior receives home from foundation

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Reinstalling and cleaning headstones at Davenport City Cemetery

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Wilmington police officers trim overgrown shrubs for World War II veteran

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Treachery on Anticosti Island

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Military Milestones
Treachery on Anticosti Island

Treachery on Anticosti Island

Story by Sharon Adams

The submarine attacks in the Gulf of St. Lawrence during the Second World War were the stuff of nightmares. How much worse would it have been if Germany had established a toehold off the coast of Quebec?

That may be just what they tried to do in 1937 in an attempt to buy Anticosti Island, a stretch of real estate 200 kilometres long and 50 wide, situated in the mouth of the St. Lawrence about 70 kilometres north of the Gaspé Peninsula.


Front Lines
Gassed up: The juice that fuelled victory in the Battle of Britain

Gassed up: The juice that fuelled
victory in the Battle of Britain

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

Well before it entered the Second World War in December 1941, the United States invested heavily in the Allied cause by instituting the US$50.1-billion Lend-Lease Act, providing food and war materiel to Britain and other friendly nations.

Worth nearly US$600 billion in today’s currency, the measures under what was formally known as An Act to Promote the Defense of the United States lasted the entire war and helped turn the tide of battle both in Europe and the Pacific.


Canadians in the Battle of Britain
This week in history
This week in history

August 2, 1990

Saddam Hussein invades an unsuspecting Kuwait during the night of Aug. 1-2, 1990, President George H.W. Bush immediately begins to assemble a coalition including Canada to back up United Nations demands for an Iraqi withdrawal.


Arbor Memorial
Legion Magazine

Meet Canadian Studies Pt. 2, ocean documentaries, and a cook-along recipe 😋

A newsletter from one of our fellow Canadian organization in the Bay Area.

Canadian Studies Announcements
In this issue:
  • Meet our program: Board Member Pavan Dhillon
  • Cook-along recipe for classic Nanaimo bars!
  • Canadian documentaries streaming at Int’l Ocean Film Festival
Meet Canadian Studies: Board Member Pavan Dhillon
This week, we bring your the second profile in a series highlighting our friends and supporters as they share what Canadian Studies means to them. For our second interview, we talked to board member and immigration attorney Pavan Dhillon about how her work drew her to the program, and what she hopes to accomplish on the board.
Pavan was born and raised in an immigrant family in Vancouver, BC. She completed an undergraduate course in international diplomacy at the University of British Columbia, and received her law degree from McGill University. She immigrated to the US in 2012. Pavan currently operates a boutique immigration law firm in San Francisco, focused exclusively on facilitating permanent relocation or cross-border travel to Canada.
Highlights from our interview with Pavan are below; read the full piece here.
On her work as a Canadian immigration attorney:
I have the unique perspective of being one of a handful of Canadian immigration attorneys based in the United States. Therefore I am fortunate to promote Canada on a daily basis to both individuals and companies seeking opportunities, stability, diversity, and tolerance. I did not set out to become an immigration attorney; however, I quickly realized that my ability to empathize with my clients due to my personal and educational background not only transforms their experience, but also provides me with immeasurable fulfillment.
How she became a board member:
My first ever Canadian event in the Bay Area was the Canadian Studies and Digital Moose Lounge annual Thanksgiving event. There, I met program co-director Irene Bloemraad, and we had a lengthy discussion about the immigrant experience in Canada compared to the United States. She invited me to attend an upcoming lecture on a comparative analysis of US and Canadian immigration policy at Berkeley. Attending that event and other symposia revitalized my interest in Canadian Studies and led to me ultimately joining the advisory board.
Why she supports Canadian Studies at Berkeley:
I have always been fascinated by policy, Canada-US relations, and how immigration policy shapes societies, cultures, and the political landscape. One of the things I enjoy the most about Canadian Studies at Berkeley is the colloquia, as it exposes me to cutting-edge research and innovative studies. I value the opportunity to connect with thought leaders in migration studies, indigenous affairs, politics and sociology.
Cook-Along Recipe: Classic Nanaimo Bars
For Canada Day, Canadian Studies board chair David Stewart and the Digital Moose Lounge teamed up with SF-based baker Angela Gonzalez, owner of Dial-A-Dessert, to show you how to whip up a batch of classic Canadian Nanaimo bars. If you missed the live presentation, you’re in luck – you can now watch the video on Youtube here.
Named after the city of Nanaimo, BC, these deliciously custardy, chocolatey treats require no baking and are a perfect recipe to make with kids! A versatile dessert, they’ll fit in everywhere from your Canada Day picnic to a state dinner – President Obama once made them the finale of a banquet for PM Trudeau at the White House.
Canadian Documentaries That Shine Light On Threats to Oceans
Open Thursday at the International Ocean Film Festival
July 30 – August 9
Two new Canadian documentaries covering critical issues facing the country’s waters will be available to stream at home starting this Thursday, July 30. The films will be available to rent online through August 9 as part of the 17th Annual International Ocean Film Festival, sponsored in part by the Consulate General of Canada in San Francisco. Learn more about the festival and register for the virtual screenings here.
The Mill (2019)
52 minutes; English.
Near a First Nations community in Nova Scotia, a paper mill had to stop in January the discharging of waste into noxious ponds that polluted both air and water for decades. The company proposed piping its effluent into the ocean, but met strong opposition from both the native community and fisherfolk. If the mill closes, others will also, putting over 10,000 jobs at risk. Resolving such conflicts is becoming a challenging worldwide problem.
98 minutes; English.
Extreme divers Jill Heinerth and Mario Cyr explore above and below northern Canada’s ice sheet. It is a hunting ground for beluga whales and narwhals, for walruses and seals that depend on the ice to nurture their young, and for polar bears who live on the ice most of their lives. They all feed on a plethora of sea life, but as the ice melts more each year, their entire ecosystem has come under threat.
Canadian Studies Program
213 Moses Hall #2308 WEBSITE | EMAIL
Canadian Studies Program | Univ. of California, Berkeley, 213 Moses Hall #2308, Berkeley, CA 94720


A Time for Celebration!

An item from the organization that was formerly the There But Not There organization in the UK.

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Hold your very own VJ Day Party!
Free Downloads Available*

15 August 2020 is the 75th anniversary of VJ Day.
We are asking you to celebrate this momentous milestone while raising funds for RBLI and support the veterans who need us today, and in the future.

You can get involved by holding your very own VJ Day Party!

It could be a special afternoon tea with friends, a virtual games day over Zoom – or perhaps your neighbours would love a sponsored 1940’s dance-a-thon! Whatever suits you and your community, we are here to help, and we have a lot of downloads for you!

Free Fundraising Pack
Cake Flags

….and much more, including tips on how to publicise your party and organise it within government guidelines.

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Sleep Out to Support Veterans

Are you ready for an adventure in your own garden? On Saturday 8th August 2020, RBLI is challenging you to spend a night under the stars with your family, in aid of veteran homelessness. Get your tarpaulin, sleeping bags and torches at the ready!

Get your free welcome pack that includes a host of activities to keep everyone busy and being creative outside. There’s also instructions on how to set up your very own RBLI Garden Sleep Out fundraising page.
Ready to sign up? Let’s go!

Sign Up Here

We’re thanking our Lockdown Heros.
Who do you want to thank?

Teams of nurses and carers all over the country have gone into battle themselves, just as Florence did, to provide crucial care to those who need it most.

Our Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company veterans have made a brilliant collection of Florence gifts and awards. Giving you the opportunity to say Thank You to your personal lockdown heroes.

Florence Thank You Collection
Florence Thank You Cards


Our VJ Day Tommy Collection
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