Poppy Campaign

Each year the Royal Canadian Legion conducts the Poppy Campaign, along with thousands of our members who volunteer from coast to coast to coast, to raise funds in support of Veterans and their families. Poppies are distributed freely, but your generous donations are invaluable.

While the campaign officially runs from the last Friday in October to Remembrance Day, given that all of our orders for supplies come from Ottawa we try to make preparations for the campaign in advance.  With this in mind, we are contacting you to see if you would be interested in participating in the 2020 Poppy Campaign within your organization?  For most groups, participation often takes the form of distributing poppies (provided by our branch) to those within your organization who would like them and collecting donations that can be used to support Veterans and their families in the Bay area.

To Participate In The Poppy Campaign

If you are interested in participating in this years campaign, we would ask the following information be sent to our Poppy Campaign Chair, Michael Barbour (mkbarbour-at-gmail.com):

  1. name and contact information for someone in your organization that will coordinate these efforts, and
  2. the number of poppies that you expect will be needed.

This information will allow us to order a sufficient number of poppies for our 2018 Poppy Campaign and to make arrangement with the contact person in your organization to ensure that they receive the poppies in advance of the campaign’s start date (officially this year it is 30 October 2020).

We thank you in advance for your consideration in participating in the 2020 Royal Canadian legion Poppy Campaign.

Where To Locate a Poppy

Due to the pandemic and the reality that many workplaces are still operating remotely, the 2021 Poppy Campaign is much more limited in scope.  At present, poppies are available at the following locations:

Poppies will also be available at the following events:

Finally, the following organizations will also be supplying poppies to their members:

If you are unable to obtain a poppy from one of the above listed locations, please feel free to reach out Michael Barbour (Poppy Chair) at mkbarbour-at-gmail-dot-com.

Be sure to check out our PHOTO page to see images from each of these locations and events.