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Veterans Day 2015

All Hands,

Congratulations on doing an excellent job on the Parade yesterday and at Grace Cathedral.  I am attaching a few pictures.  We even made the main page of the Chronicle:

Attached please find the POD for Wednesday’s Drill which is in Petaluma.  This drill starts with a ceremony at the Liberty Cemetery for our Sponsors the Royal Canadian Legion.  The drill ends with a Veterans Day parade.  Because Petaluma is North, please make sure you allocate enough time to get to the ceremony on time.

Petaluma is a cool Parade to participate in.  Besides being a smaller town where everybody shows up for the event, vehicles and aircraft are also involved.  Cadets will be marching, supporting our Sponsor, while huey and USCG helicopters fly overhead.  See POD for details, but more information about the Parade can be found here:

Most important:  I wanted to thank the families of the Cadets.  I know that the tempo has been fairly rapid lately, but I think that all will agree we have had some great opportunities.  We would not have been able to make this happen without your support.  Things will be closer to the two drills per month as we go to the second half of the year, but I wanted to say thank you.

Gabe Mikulich