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Caledonian Club of San Francisco postpone their Highland Gathering and Games

Please note this event that US Branch #25 of the Royal Canadian Legion regularly participates in has been postponed.

Dear Patron,
The Caledonian Club of San Francisco has decided to postpone their Highland Gathering and Games that was scheduled for Labor Day weekend, 2020.
The Caledonians are still considering holding some kind of gathering later in the year.
There is no information about this effort at this time.
When we receive further information, we will let you know.
We will miss seeing you at the Labor Day Weekend Scottish Games, and we look forward to a future in which the Games can go forth again.
In the event that you would like to order any of our Scottish pins, belt buckles, jewelry, etc.,
we are still open for mail order sales by telephone. 415 897 1732. 
*Please note that the purchase feature on our website is NOT FUNCTIONING.* —Call us
Be Well,
Nancy Nagle
Nagle Forge & Foundry

Pleasanton Highland Games – High Security will be present

As a supporter of this event in the past, we wanted to pass this information on to our members.

Pleasanton Highland Games is coming up in two weeks.  Unlike years past, be prepared to endure TSA type scrutiny.
When: Aug 31 – Sep 1, 2019
Where: Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton, CA (map)
Description: The Caledonian Club Of San Francisco presents: Annual Scottish Highland Games Held Labor Day Weekend at the Alameda County Fairgrounds! http://www.thescottishgames.com/

In light of the recent tragic event in Gilroy, I want to inform our patrons and competitors that the Caledonian Club of San Francisco, along with our private security company and the Alameda County Fairgrounds, has been formulating a plan to institute advanced security measures at our Scottish Games coming up on Labor Day Weekend. We have been working on this plan for the past several months.

In addition, both the Alameda County Sheriff and the Pleasanton Police Departments provide a police presence at our Games, as they have annually. Please be assured that we are doing what we can to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all who attend our Games. We ask that all attendees assist us in these efforts by remaining vigilant during your stay with us and report any suspicious activities to Games officials.

Yours aye,
Rob Tysinger, Chief
Caledonian Club of San Francisco

151st Scottish Highland Gathering and Games

The branch will be participating in the 151st Scottish Highland Gathering and Games, which is a celebration of Scottish culture, traditions, competitions and entertainment for all the family to enjoy – at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton on Labor Day Weekend (September 3 – 4, 2016).

In the Beginning Long before colonists began to settle in the New World, Scotland already had a lengthy history and culture. Heavy Athletics Events were being held in Scotland at least 1,000 years ago, and some historians believe that Heavy Events originated during Druid times! Heavy Events began as tests of strength and conditioning for Scottish troops. A tree trunk would be made into a caber and tossed by the strongest military men. Smooth rocks from river beds would be heaved for distance. Lead weights would be tossed underhand over a bar more than twice as high as the athlete. Over the centuries, Heavy Events evolved from military exercises into festivals for the Scottish public, and with the addition of dancing, music, food and drink, the Highland Games were born. They are a traditional method of passing Scottish culture from generation to generation, and held throughout Scotland and the rest of the World.