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An item from one of our fellow Canadian organizations in the Bay Area.

Fall 2020 Events Calendar
Canadian Studies is pleased to bring you our events schedule for the Fall 2020 semester. Due to ongoing health and safety concerns, all events will be held virtually via Zoom conferencing through at least December. Please note that a new campus security policy require all participants to have a Zoom account to join meetings; more information on this change can be found at the end. All times posted are Pacific.
No Safe Country for Refugees? The Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement Before the Canadian Courts
Panel | September 1 | 12:30 PM | Online – RSVP required
Until recently, certain asylum claimants who entered Canada were routinely returned to the United States under the the Safe Third County Agreement. However, in July Canada’s Federal Court ordered the agreement suspended, asserting that the US is “not safe” for refugees due to the risk of imprisonment and other basic rights violations.¬†Audrey Macklin, an expert in human rights law at the University of Toronto, joins Berkeley Law professor¬†Leti Volpp¬†to unpack the ruling and what it means for migrants and US-Canada relations in a conversation moderated by immigration scholar and Canadian Studies director¬†Irene Bloemraad.
Return: On Blackness and Belonging in North America
Lecture | September 15 | 12:30 p.m. | Online – RSVP required
McGill University professor Debra Thompson, an expert on race and ethnic politics, will explore the complex experience of Black people in North America, juxtaposing her deep, ancestral links to the United States with a parallel but at times competing national affinity with the land to which many enslaved Black Americans once fled: Canada. Thompson uses personal narrative to explore the boundaries of racial belonging; to identify key facets of Canadian ideas about race and racism, including the intersection of racial formations and settler colonialism; to analyze the transnational nuances and contours of the African diaspora in North America; and ultimately, to think through what it means to be in a place, but not be of that place.
Social Movements and Legal Mobilisation in Times of Crisis: Migrant Farm Worker Rights in Canada
Lecture | October 6 | 12:30 p.m. | Online – RSVP required
The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected migrant farm workers. Former Hildebrand Fellow Vasanthi Venkatesh, a professor of law at the University of Windsor specializing in social movements and immigration, gives context to the crisis by showing how the pandemic has overlaid itself onto existing systemic racial discrimination against migrant farm workers embedded in law and policy. She also shows how migrant farm worker advocates have responded to the crisis by exposing the racial capitalism of the Canadian agricultural economy, using radical narratives to challenge these systems.
Virtual Canadian Family Thanksgiving
Event | October, date TBD | Online
While we can’t meet in person this year, Canadian Studies and the¬†Digital Moose Lounge¬†are working hard to offer you a way to celebrate the holiday with the Canadian community in the Bay Area (and beyond!) Stay turned for updates.
Hildebrand Graduate Research Colloquium
Colloquium | October 20 | 12:30 p.m. | Online – RSVP required
Learn about the research Canadian Studies funds through our Edward Hildebrand Graduate Research Fellowships, as recipients present short overviews of their projects. Participating scholars are¬†Desir√©e Valadares,¬†(“Idling No More: Reading Japanese Canadian World War II Road Camps Alongside Specters of Indigeneity on the Hope-Princeton¬†Highway in British Columbia, Canada”) and¬†Martha Herrera-Lasso Gonzalez¬†(“Regionalizing NAFTA: Theaters of Translation in Mexico City and Quebec”).
What the US Election Means for US-Canada Relations
Round table | November 10 or 17 | Online – RSVP required
What will the results of the 2020 United States presidential election mean for the future of US-Canada relations? This special colloquium will consider the outcomes of the US elections for bilateral relations and their impact on Canada. Participants will include Frédérick Gagnon, a professor of political science at the Université du Québec à Montréal and a past Fulbright Chair and Sproul Fellow in the Canadian Studies Program.
New Security Policy for Digital Events: All Participants Must Sign In
To ensure the security of university-hosted meetings, UC Berkeley recently implemented new security measures for digital events. The most important change is that starting August 15,¬†all participants will be required to sign into a Zoom account prior to joining meetings hosted by UC Berkeley. UC Berkeley affiliates can use their CalNet ID’s to¬†sign in to Zoom. Participants who are not eligible for a UC Berkeley-provided Zoom account can¬†create a free, consumer Zoom account¬†or can¬†dial in via phone.
Community Q&A: Facing Border Closure Together to Flatten the Curve
Forum | August 12 | 4:00 p.m. PT | Online – RSVP required
Please join the Consulate General of Canada in San Francisco and the Digital Moose Lounge for an important conversation about the continued extension of the US/Canada border closure. This is an open format community discussion and an opportunity for you to have your questions answered by experts. The panel will consist of Consul General¬†Rana Sarkar; Senior Consular Officer¬†Marni Kellison; and¬†Pavan Dhillon, an immigration attorney and board member at Berkeley’s Canadian Studies Program.
E-mail wade.wallerstein@international.gc.ca to RSVP.
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He’s 100 years old! Join the party…

A newsletter from the formerly There But Not There organization.

He’s 100 years old! Join the party….
Commemorate the 75th Anniversary year of VJ Day with your family, friends and your community safely next Saturday. Remember those who went into battle to secure our freedom today. Here’s why….

John Riggs, resident here at  the RBLI Village is 100 years old. Seventy-five years ago, John was battling through the jungle and monsoon storms of Northern Burma (now Myanmar), travelling up to 180-miles a month on foot and destroying transport lines to stop the attacks as part of the Chindits’ campaign. John has been living on RBLI’s Aylesford village, which provides homes and welfare to more than 300 veterans and their families, since 1956.

August 15th 2020 marks Victory over Japan Day ‚Äď the day Japan finally surrendered and brought the Second World War to an end. This is the day when 75 years ago, our nation truly celebrated peace. The brave men and women serving our country were sent home to their families at last. Now doesn’t that deserve¬†a celebration?

Next Saturday¬†people up and down the country will be holding their own celebrations.¬†Join us¬†– and John –¬†in¬†our soon to be announced¬†online remembrance.

If you haven’t already, download your VJ Day Party Fundraising Activity Pack to support your celebrations. It includes bunting, games, posters and more!

Now more than ever our veterans need the support of people like you, fundraising so RBLI can continue to provide the vital services veterans count on.


We are extremely proud to be able to use our platform to share VJ Day stories and information about the war in the Far East. Often referred to as ‘The Forgotten Army’, we are determined to make sure those men, and women, are no longer forgotten.

There are some incredible VJ Day stories that to share with you all. But the stories we have are a fraction of the stories out there.

Do you remember the day as a child? Maybe your father, or grandfather, fought in the Far East? Whatever your story, we want to hear it and add it to our VJ Day Memorial Album.

Support veterans of today by remembering the sacrifices of the past.
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All rights reserved.

New baking box for delicious Tommy Tea

A newsletter from the formerly There But Not There organization.

New baking box for a delicious TommyTea!

 We have teamed up with Britain Loves Baking to bring you a special TommyTea baking box. Don’t miss out on one of Britain’s oldest traditions. The kit is ideal for up to six people, with ingredients for 8 different bakes Рincluding tea cakes!

Britain Loves Baking will make a substantial donation from the sale of each box to RBLI!

So why not get the family baking this summer? You can bake your own afternoon tea to celebrate VJ Day on 15th August and raise some money while you do it!

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1.8 Million Purple Hearts Honored Today

We received this item yesterday from a fellow veterans organization in the Bay Area.

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Celebrating Purple Heart Day
 On August 7, 1782, General George Washington made this announcement:
The General ever desirous to cherish a virtuous ambition in his soldiers, as well as to foster and encourage every species of Military Merit, directs that whenever any singularly meritorious action is performed, the author of it shall be permitted to wear . . . over his left breast, the figure of a heart in purple cloth. . . . Not only instances of unusual gallantry but also of extraordinary fidelity and essential service . . . shall be awarded.
The award, then called the Badge of Military Merit, was only given to three Revolutionary War soldiers by Washington himself. After World War I, the award was revivied and redesigned to the Purple Heart Medal we know today. Since then, 1.8 million Purple Hearts have been distributed to service members of all branches.

The award remains well-known for its striking design and because it is unique in the US Military– any service member who sheds blood or sustains a qualifying injury while defending our Country will receive a Purple Heart no matter his or her position, rank or standing.

Today, and every day, Marines’ Memorial remembers their sacrifices and offers heartfelt thanks to all of our Purple Heart Recipients.

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