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Tracking the LGB vote in Canada; The future of quantum tech; Big Give

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Canadian Studies Announcements
In this issue:
  • Upcoming event: Hildebrand Graduate Research Showcase
  • New study tracks voting trends among Canada’s LGB population
  • Applications close next week for summer research funding
  • Show your support for Canadian Studies – Big Give is next Thursday, March 10!
  • External event: “Canada and the United States in the New Quantum Tech Era”
Hildebrand Graduate Research Showcase
Tuesday, March 15 | 12:30 pm PT | 223 Moses Hall | RSVP here
Learn about the research Canadian Studies funds through our Edward Hildebrand Graduate Research Fellowships, as recipients present short overviews of their projects. This panel will have a special focus on the environment, development, and Indigenous resource sovereignty. This event will be held in-person as well as broadcast via Zoom.
Mindy Price, Ph.D. candidate, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
“New Agricultural Frontiers: Land, Labor and Sovereignty in the Northwest Territories, Canada”
Now more than 1º Celsius warmer than a century ago and warming at three times the global average, the Arctic and Subarctic are being reimagined as a new frontier for food production. Despite a growing body of evidence that climate change will enable new possibilities for agriculture in the North, much research remains agnostic about how northern agricultural development will affect communities and landscapes and the relations between them. Mindy uses archival research and ethnography in three extended case studies to examine the implications of agriculture development on the social relations of production and consumption in the Northwest Territories, Canada.
Aaron Gregory, Ph.D. student, City and Regional Planning
“Kinship Infrastructures: Indigenous Energy Autonomy and Regulatory Sea Change in Beecher Bay”
Aaron’s research explores the social, technical, and regulatory impacts of a renewable energy system developed by the Scia’new First Nation in Beecher Bay, British Columbia. He examines this project as an emergent approach to Indigenous environmental governance, an infrastructural solution responding to the problem of Indigenous energy sovereignty, and a regulatory provocation designed to challenge a provincial monopoly on energy production and distribution.
New Study Tracks Trends Among Canada’s LGB Voters
A new study co-authored by a UC Berkeley political scientist sheds light on political trends in Canada’s lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) population. Titled “The Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Vote in a More Tolerant Canada“, the forthcoming article in the Canadian Journal of Political Science examines the effects of political mainstreaming on what has traditionally been a solid left-of-centre voting block. Its authors are Eric Guntermann, a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Political Science at UC Berkeley, and Edana Beauvais, an assistant professor of political science at Simon Fraser University.
It’s no surprise that lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) individuals overwhelmingly vote left-of-centre, and are on average less conservative than straight people. LGB policy priorities have traditionally been associated with progressive politics, and left-of-centre individuals were more likely to identify as LBG. These communities were traditionally very cohesive by virtue of forming around a strong shared experience of discrimination and persecution.
In recent decades, however, same-sex relationships have achieved widespread acceptance throughout Canada, with opponents being relegated to the political fringe. LGB political groups have also achieved many of their policy goals, most prominently same-sex marriage. Have these societal changes led to movement in individual political preferences? Guntermann and Beauvais hypothesize that the mainstreaming of LGB rights would lead to lower cohesion as a politically distinctive group.
The study partly confirms this expectation. While activism for same-sex marriage is historically tied to left-wing politics, the outcome of the push for gay marriage has moved some LGB individuals to the right. Guntermann and Beauvais’ estimates show that while marriage makes most people more conservative, it has a larger effect on gay men, bringing them roughly to the average ideological score of straight men.
However, when viewing the LGB community overall the study notes an important counterweight: bisexual women. This group is by far the most left-wing group as measured by self-identification, immigration preferences, and vote choice. While men are generally more conservative than women overall, bisexual women are not only more left-wing than gay men, but also significantly further left than lesbian women. This is important because data from the 2019 Canada Election Study show that the number of self-identified bisexual women increased fivefold from Gen X (born 1965-1980) to Gen Z (born 1997-2012). With over 20% of Gen Z women identifying as bisexual, this represents an extremely heavy counterweight to any movement among other groups in the LGB population.
The study’s conclusions? Despite some rightward movement among married gay men, the outsized increase in young bisexual-identified women suggests that the leftward tilt of the LGB community overall will persist for the foreseeable future.
Big Give is Next Thursday, March 10!
The big day is almost here! Join us next week for Big Give, Berkeley’s annual day of giving. Show your support for Canadian Studies by making a donation of any size in support of our program. Your generosity supports our public programs and student scholars. And a timely gift could help us earn $100s of dollars in matches at no extra cost to you – learn how here.
Applications closing for summer research funding
Deadline: Friday, March 11, 2022
The Canadian Studies Program is currently accepting applications for the Edward Hildebrand Graduate Research Fellowship for Summer 2022 and AY 2022-23. The application is open to any UC Berkeley graduate student whose work focuses primarily or comparatively on Canada. This fellowship is meant to cover direct research costs.
The deadline for summer applications is next Friday, March 11; applications for AY 22-23 must be submitted by May 6. Please visit our website for more information and full eligibility criteria, and help us share this information with your friends and networks!
Canada and the United States in the New Quantum Tech Era
Wednesday, March 9 | 10:00 am PT | Online | RSVP here
Join the Wilson Center’s Canada Institute for a discussion on the emerging revolution in quantum technologies and how the governments of Canada and the United States are approaching the opportunities and challenges it presents.
Emerging quantum technologies will have significant economic and national security ramifications, setting off a global race for leadership in this field. Quantum computers hold the promise of infinitely greater processing power and the ability to crack today’s digital security protocols. They will transform industries from finance to pharmaceuticals to logistics. Quantum sensors and quantum imaging will change fields from mining to warfare. Moreover, a quantum internet, with ultra-high speeds and security is under development. This session will explore what the U.S. and Canada are doing in the quantum field and how they are thinking about closer collaboration in the years ahead.
This event will feature an expert panel drawn from top levels of government, science, and industry, and will be hosted by Canada Institute director and Berkeley Canadian Studies board member Chris Sands. This event is being hosted in partnership with the Embassy of Canada.
Canadian Studies Program
213 Moses Hall #2308
Canadian Studies Program | Univ. of California, Berkeley, 213 Moses Hall #2308, Berkeley, CA 94720

Statement on the Invasion of Ukraine

A statement from the Royal Canadian Air Force Association.

A statement from the Chairman, RCAF Association Board of Directors, Colonel (Ret) Terry Chester, CD, and the Honorary National President, Lieutenant-General André Deschamps, CMM, CD, sent on behalf of leaders throughout the RCAF Association:

The RCAF Association has forever acknowledged amongst its many important functions its staunch support for democracy, inclusion, fairness, equality, individual liberties and civil discourse. These elements are key to success of the RCAF Association at the Wing, community, Group, region, provincial and federal levels, as they are objectives entirely consistent with what it means to be Canadian. Consequently, the RCAF Association de l’ARC joins people and organizations of conscience everywhere in condemning the ongoing, unprovoked, and unlawful Russian incursion into Ukraine. The destruction wrought against the citizens of Ukraine, and the terrible costs to lives and livelihoods are simply unacceptable. As the situation worsens, the potential outcomes are dire, and the consequences loom large for not just Ukraine’s post-Soviet independence, but also for the nations making up greater Europe, nations which have not experienced such a conflict since the end of the Second World War. We know of many uniformed Canadians, and other Canadian diplomats, working tirelessly to address these disturbing developments. We also know of some RCAF Association members in uniform who may still be in danger near to the unfolding distressing action. I join all members of the RCAF Association in expressing our concern and care for these members, but also for our brothers and sisters in NATO, as well as the citizens of Ukraine and other European nations adversely impacted by Russia’s unwarranted and destabilizing actions. Per Ardua Ad Astra – Sic Itur Ad Astra.

This e-mail was sent from Royal Canadian Air Force Association (

Royal Canadian Air Force Association,405-222 Somerset St. West Ottawa ON K2P 2G3 CANADA, Phone Number:(613) 232-4281, Fax Number: (613) 232-2156, Email Address:, Website :

Friends of the CAF kick off new year with tremendous contributions

This item from the Support our Troops organization that might be of interest to members.

ONroute Customers Give Over $144,000 to
Support Our Troops
This inspiring level of support will make a difference in the lives of military members and their families. Thousands of ONroute customers said “Thank You” to Veterans and currently serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in November and December, with donations to Support Our Troops totaling over $144,000.
Extra help can assist military members, Veterans and their families in life-changing ways
Support Our Troops programs assist CAF members and their families who need extra support due to the challenges of their military service.
Fallen Bombardier Patrick Labrie Honoured in New Book
On June 17, 2019, Bombardier Patrick Labrie died in a parachuting accident during a low-altitude training jump in Bulgaria. As a way of coping with her grief and keeping Patrick’s memory alive, his mother, Julie Rivard, wrote a book about his life.
Did You Know?
You can become a monthly donor. Your monthly donation ensures that Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and their families receive the help they need in response to immediate and unforeseen circumstances as a result of their military service.
CANEX Gift of Giving campaign raises over $26,000 for Support Our Troops and Soldier On
We may be into the new year but with the help of the CANEX Gift of Giving Campaign we are still in the holiday spirit! Thanks to the generous support of our CAF Community over $26,000 was raised for Support Our Troops and Soldier On. Donations raised support military members, Veterans, their families and the ill and injured. If you missed out on this campaign but want to Support Our Troops, you can purchase some Support Our Troops or Soldier On merchandise at CANEX! 15% of proceeds for all Support Our Troops and Soldier On merchandise is given back to members and their families in their time of need! Thank you for Standing With Us!
Support Our Troops | 4210 Rue Labelle StOttawa, K1A 0K2 Canada

Get Your Tickets for The Great Tommy Sleep Out LIVE!

An item from the organization formerly known as There But Not There.

Hi Friend
You can now purchase your tickets for the physical Great Tommy Sleep Out event on the RBLI Village in Aylesford! 👏⛺

Limited tickets are available – so get yours while you can!
Ticket cost is £25 per person.


Your ticket includes a hot evening meal provided by the local Nepalese Community, bushcraft demonstrations, a WW1 Tommy equipment presentation by The Great War Society, magic tricks from resident and former Royal Marine George, breakfast in the morning and there will even be an award for the best decorated tent! It is up to you whether you would like to use a tent or any other type of bivvi (I recommend using a tent so you can decorate it fabulously).

Get your Sleep Out event tickets now!
Here are the key event details:
Date and Times: 13:00 Saturday 26th March – 10:00 Sunday 27th March
Location: RBLI Village, Hall Road, Aylesford, Kent, ME20 7NL

Cost: £25 per person
Fundraiser Target: £150 per person

Open to over 18’s only
Individual pitches

Facilities will be available on site including toilets and disabled access toilets, parking, hot drinks and indoor space if needed. Please make sure you read and agree to all the terms and conditions of the event!

Event terms and conditions
Once you’ve bought your ticket, all you need to do is create your online donation page. The fundraising target for this event is £150, but please just try your best and don’t let this put you off.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in person!

Rachel Park
Community Fundraising Manager

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