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A Unique Poppy Thief

One of our members passed this news item along and asked that we share it.

Pigeon Creates Beautiful Nest After Secretly Stockpiling Poppies from War Memorial

pigeon with poppy in its beak

Poppies have become a lasting symbol of the endurance and perseverance of wounded soldiers, especially since they’ve been seen growing on battlefields after World War I. They’re particularly prominent on Remembrance Day, which honors those who have died in the line of duty and is celebrated across the UK and Commonwealth states. Observed since the end of World War I (as early as 1919), associations have sold cotton or silk poppies to raise money for veterans. In Australia, one animal decided to pay their respects by using poppies in a decidedly different way.

Since early October, the staff at the Australian War Memorial had noticed that poppies were disappearing from the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier. It caused some confusion until the staff looked up. There they saw that a pigeon has been carefully crafting a nest on the ledge of a stained glass window. The fact that the pigeon was the poppy thief was actually a pleasant surprise given the role that these birds had during times of war.

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An item from Dominion Command.

Good afternoon,

This Remembrance Day, honor veterans by dedicating a Poppy in memory of their name at mypoppy.ca

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En ce jour du Souvenir, rendons hommage à un vétéran en lui dédiant un coquelicot commémoratif personnel sur moncoquelicot.ca.


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Pick Up Your 2019 Poppy From Stanford University Canadian Club

The folks at the Stanford University Canadian Club sent this message out yesterday.

[true-north] Get a Poppy at Tresidder from 10-2 Tomorrow (Friday 11/7)

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’ve had a great week! I’ll be at Tresidder from 10am-2pm Tomorrow (Friday 11/7) if you would like to pick up a poppy for Remembrance Day. If you are not able to find me, please feel free to call/text me at [number removed].



So if you are in the area, just look for this display.