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Poppies From The Canadian Consulate in San Francisco in 2021

Unlike they have been able to in previous years, due to continuing COVID restrictions we were unable to list the Canadian Consulate in San Francisco as an official distribution for our 2021 Poppy Campaign.

However, clients who had to go to the Consulate for existing appointments were able to pick up a poppy and – if they chose to – make a donation to the campaign at the display seen below.

Poppy Campaign: 4th Annual Canadian Thanksgiving

Earlier today the branch unofficially began its annual 2021 Poppy Campaign, as it participated in the 4th Annual Canadian Thanksgiving that was co-hosted Digital Moose Lounge and the Canadian Studies Program at the University of California at Berkeley.  Below are some pictures from the event that we located online.

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The Royal Canadian Legion celebrates “Poppy 100”

An item from Dominion Command.


2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the iconic Poppy symbol of Remembrance

OTTAWA, ON, 6 July 2021 – One hundred years today, the precursor to The Royal Canadian Legion officially recognized the Poppy as Canada’s lasting symbol of Remembrance. A century later, the Legion is commemorating this historic milestone.

“We are proud to be the safekeepers of this special symbol, brought to us by a visionary woman,” says Dominion President Thomas D. Irvine, CD. “Every time I see a Poppy I think of our fallen, and I thank them for their sacrifices.”

Madame Anna GuérinThe idea for the Remembrance Poppy in Canada was conceived by Madame Anna Guérin of France. She was inspired by John McCrae’s poem “In Flanders Fields.” Anna had originally founded a charity to help rebuild regions of France torn apart by the First World War, and created poppies made of fabric to raise funds.

Later, Anna presented her concept to France’s allies, including the precursor to The Royal Canadian Legion, The Great War Veterans Association. The idea was considered at a meeting in Port Arthur, Ontario (now Thunder Bay) and was adopted on July 6, 1921.

The Legion’s “Poppy 100” tributes this year include:

  • The offering of commemorative Poppy pins that replicate the original 1921 lapel pin.
  • The release of an inspiring video that explains the history of the Poppy as Canada’s symbol of Remembrance.
  • The creation of a unique commemorative stamp by Canada Post slated for release this fall.
  • The creation of a unique commemorative coin by The Royal Canadian Mint for release this year.
  • The special lighting of several Canadian landmarks to mark the anniversary on July 6, 2021 including BC Place, the Vancouver Convention Centre and Olympic Cauldron, the West Edmonton Mall, the Calgary Tower, the Regina City Hall foyer, Niagara Falls, the CN Tower, the City of Toronto downtown sign, and the Champlain Bridge.
  • A commemorative program led by Legion representatives in Port Arthur, ON (now Thunder Bay), where the Poppy symbol was officially adopted in 1921.

Visit Legion.ca to learn more about the history of the Poppy.

“The Poppy is central to everything we do, and will always remain a powerful symbol in Canada,” says Angus Stanfield, Dominion Vice President and Chair of the Poppy and Remembrance committee. “When people donate to the National Poppy Campaign each November, and proudly display the Poppy on their lapel, they are reflecting their heartfelt thanks for our Veterans.”

Donations collected across the country each November during the Legion’s National Poppy Campaign go into dedicated Poppy Trust Funds and are used solely to support Veterans and their families.

Original article at https://legion.ca/news/2021/06/30/the-royal-canadian-legion-celebrates-poppy-100

Poppy Campaign 2020

This year’s official Poppy Campaign ran from October 30, 2020 to November 11, 2020. Due to the pandemic, the 2020 Poppy Campaign is much more limited in scope.  The vast majority of our traditional distribution sites are operating remotely and all of the events we would normally be represented at have been cancelled.  So with a few exceptions, most of our poppies this year were mailed to individuals who directly requested them.

To accommodate the virtual nature of so many of our activities in 2020, we launched a “Show Us Your #BayAreaPoppy” campaign that had limited success.  Some of the pictures that we were able to collect from the campaign included…

As the Poppy Chair for our branch, I wanted to get things started

Once again our partners at Augie’s Montreal Deli in Berkeley were one of our main distribution sites (and one of the few open to the public this year).

Our friends at the Canadian Consulate General in San Francisco got involved.

Due to the pandemic, some of our members and ex-pats made their own poppies this year.

A poppy spotted in Napa.

One of our members or an ex-pat Canadian made her extra poppies to friends, neighbours, and others who wanted to pop by.

Finally, this poppy was spotted in the Monterey area.