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Collaborative Canadians in Tech happening in March

From one of our fellow Canadian organizations in the Bay area.

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 27 Feb 18

Join us at a collaborative Canadians in Tech meet up! We have partnered with Lazaridis InstituteDMZ, and Canadian Technology Accelerators for a one of a kind networking event. Registration is now open.
March 22nd 
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Palo Alto, CA*
Canadians in Tech is a monthly meet up for all Canadians visiting or living in the Bay Area to network with one another alongside C100’s staff, Charter Members, and Partners.

*Exact location will be released to RSVP’d guest 48 hours prior to start.
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February 2018 Mission Matters Newsletter

From the Wreaths Across America organization.

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Mission Matters!

These two words — mission matters — have been the guiding principle used in all that Wreaths Across America has done and plans to do in the future. Our mission — to Remember the fallen, Honor those who serve, and their families, and Teach our children about the cost of freedom — resonates in the homes of every American across this great country.

Year after year we see new volunteers step forward from every walk of life to become part of and share this mission in communities in every state. We will share their stories of patriotism and community with you here each month as well as on a new radio program with the same name that I’m excited to be hosting on Wreaths Across America Radio starting in March.

2017 was our most successful year to date, with more than 1.5million veterans’ wreaths placed on headstones of our fallen veterans. Click on the link below to download the infographic to see additional details from 2017. We are expecting that number to continue to grow in 2018 and beyond because of the dedication and commitment of our volunteers and the generous support of many grateful Americans.

Thank you for reading and sharing the mission to Remember, Honor, Teach.

With thanks,

Karen Worcester
Executive Director
Wreaths Across America

Wreaths Across America Announces 2018 Theme


The inspiration for this year’s theme stems from the 2009 drama “Taking Chance,” which was based on the experiences of Marine Colonel Michael Strobl, who escorted the body of a fallen Marine, PFC Chance Phelps back to his hometown in Wyoming from the Iraq WarLearn more.
Message From The Chairman
February 22nd was the birthday of our first President George Washington. Wayne Hanson, our Chairman of the Board of Directors, shares a message about this important veteran. Read his story here.

Monthly Features

FACES OF THE MISSION: Marnie Torres, Social Media Coordinator

Each month, we’ll be introducing one of the valued members of the Wreaths Across America team. These individuals help to make our mission a reality every day. To kick things off, we caught up with Marnie Torres, Social Media Coordinator. 

Click here to read our interview with Marnie.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Why We Love Wreaths Across America

Roger & Norma Donlon, Co-Grand Marshalls of the 2017 Wreaths Across America Convoy share their love story from the December 2017, 10- day journey from Harrington, ME to Arlington National Cemetery.
Click here to read their contribution.

It’s not what we do,but WHY we do it.

Denny Hart, retired U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps Warrant Officer shares his background and his experience with meeting a special helper at Wreaths Across America Day 2015 on the blog. This year, Denny has stepped up as a Group Leader to help promote wreath sponsorships for the Camp Nelson National Cemetery. His son has volunteered his time and expertise to create and host a website to support the effort to remember and honor 15,000 veterans laid to rest there on national wreath day, Saturday, December 15, 2018.

Denny Hart with friend Ella at Wreaths Across America Day 2017

The Wreaths Across America fundraising program has helped other groups such as Civil Air Patrol, Scouts, 4-H Clubs, local VFWs and American Legions raise funds for their own community needs.

How it works: Wreaths Across America returns $5 of every $15 wreath sponsorship you raise to support your organization. Since 2007, Wreaths Across America has given back more than $8 million to local charities through this fundraising structure. To sign up as a fundraising group, click the button below.

Wreaths Across America 2017: By The Numbers Infographic
Check it out!
Connect With Us:
Contact Us:

Phone: 1 (877) 385 9504 

Wreaths Across America HQ, 4 Point Street, Columbia Falls, ME 04623

Start your pilgrimage today! World Map of Remembrance now $20 off!

From the Legion Magazine.

Legion Magazine Shop
Exploration Awaits
With the
World Map of Remembrance
World Map of Remembrance is now $20 off!

For a limited time only, save $20 on Canada’s World Map of Remembrance! 

Pinpoint your travel to memorials and cemeteries where Canadians are commemorated with the new World Map of Remembrance.

The detailed map of the world is surrounded by inset maps locating sites from four conflicts in which Canadians served: Boer War, First World War, Second World War and Korean War. More than 150 memorials and cemeteries are listed across the bottom and labelled on the map.

Printed on premium poster paper and perfect for…

• Travellers with an interest in military history

• Legion branches creating a record of pilgrimages by members

• Classrooms, libraries, offices and homes

36″ x 24″  

Memorial Photos
SafeStep Tubs

CAN Upcoming Events

From one of our fellow Canadian-focused Bay area organizations.

Canadian Studies Upcoming Events
February 28 Colloquium:
How Exceptional is Judicial Review in Canada?
Past, Present and Future.
Han-Ru Zhou
Associate Professor of Public Law, Université de Montréal Faculty of Law
Sproul Fellow with Canadian Studies
In the vast majority of legal systems, judicial review has become the principal mechanism through which most constitutional debates are eventually settled or at least receive some form of resolution. However, the terms of our national constitutions seldom provide for how the courts are to scrutinize the laws challenged before them. In Canada, the modern practice of judicial review is the result of a succession of momentous events and piecemeal developments spread over the past few centuries, some of which have occurred in other countries with a common law-based system. This presentation will seek to weave these events and developments into a general narrative of the origins, emergence and evolving practice of judicial review in Canada, from its Anglo-American intellectual roots in Dr. Bonham’s Case (1609) and Marbury v. Madison to the post-colonial and post-Charter periods. In the end, our common law-based constitutions may well be more similar and less “exceptional” than is often believed, and the comparative study of our national experiences can still contribute to our constitutional debates.
Co-Sponsored by the Center for the Study of Law and Society
Colloquium events are free and open to everyone. No RSVP is required.
How Exceptional is Judicial Review in Canada? Past, Present and Future
12:00 NoonWednesday February 28, 223 Moses Hall, UC Berkeley
Spring 2018
Colloquium Series
Free | Open to Everyone
223 Moses Hall
Wednesday February 28, 12:00 Noon
How Exceptional is Judicial Review in Canada? Past, Present and Future
Prof. Han Ru Zhou (Law, University of Montreal)
Co-Sponsored by Center for the Study of Law & Society
Wednesday March 7, 12:00 Noon
On a Lesser Known Montreality: French Among the City’s Haitian Youth
Prof. Luc Baronian (Linguistique & Langues Modernes, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
Wednesday March 21, 12:00 Noon
Game Changers: Economics, Politics, and the Transformation of the Canadian Spectator Sport Business
Prof. Neil Longley (Economics & Management, University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Friday April 27, 5:00 PM
The Influence of Immigration on Tourism – The Case of Canada
Prof. Frederic Dimanche (Hospitality and Tourism Management, Ryerson University)
Co-Sponsored by the Tourism Studies Working Group
Colloquium events are free, and open to everyone. No ticket or RSVP is required.
The Canadian Studies Colloquium Series is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Consulate General of Canada San Francisco | Silicon Valley
L’Association des Québécois dans la Bay Area vous convie à un repas traditionnel de cabane à sucre, 2ème édition!
Quand : Dimanche 15 avril 2018
Endroit : Garden House @ Shoup Park, 400 University Ave, Los Altos
Prix : 40$ adultes, 17$ enfants (3-12 ans), gratuit pour 3 ans et moins.
Via PayPal ou Venmo
Déroulement de la journée:
11h-12h: Arrivée & jeu familial
12h: Repas traditionnel
14h-15h: Tire sur la neige, musique & activités!
Billets :
Les places sont limitées.
Venmo (username : bourdeauv)
Inscrivez le nombre d’adultes, d’enfants de votre famille ainsi que leurs noms! Je vous enverrai un email de confirmation qui vous sera votre « billet officiel ».
On espère vous y voir en grand nombre encore cette année!
Mélanie Hinse
Canadian Films at CINEQUEST
FEBRUARY 27 – MARCH 11, 2018
Never to disappoint us with incredible artistry, Canadian cinema thrives at Cinequest. Here is the exciting line-up:
Theater Codes:
RWC = Redwood City Downtown 20 Theaters                     3B = 3 Below Theaters, San Jose
CAL = California Theatre, San Jose                                    HAM = Hammer Theatre, San Jose
THUR, 3/87:30PM (California Theatre, San Jose)
The Emmy Award-winning Canadian star of Orphan Black will be at Cinequest for the premiere of her new film Souls of Totality. Don’t miss this rare chance to spend time with one of the most talented actors working today.
The premiere of a film is always exciting, especially when you’re part of the first audience to see it. And, seeing a film with the filmmakers in attendance to engage in conversation with the audience after the screening? Priceless.
Use Promo Code “CANADACINEQUEST” for
SUN 3/46:00PM (HAM) and get $3 off ticket price!!!                      
Alone, and targeted on an isolated farm, 12-year-old Henry finds himself at the center of a maelstrom of terror, and a dark family legacy, in this exciting thriller.
Also Showing: SAT 3/37:15PM (RWC) | WED 3/76:30PM (RWC) | FRI 3/9;12:45PM (RWC)
A fascinating exploration of a small mining town’s eccentric obsession with its legendary junior hockey team, and how the team and community thrive off one another.
FRI 3/27:15PM (3B) | SUN 3/45:40PM (RWC)
WED 3/77:15PM (HAM) | FRI 3/95:15PM (RWC)
Screwing up goes ballistic in this superb comedy of two hustlers who join forces to get money. But will they end up in jail or each other’s arms?
FRI 3/29:40PM (CAL) | SUN 3/47:35PM (RWC)
MON 3/511:30AM (3B) | SAT 3/107:45PM (RWC)
The incredibly powerful story of a single mom, who’s been treading water since her six-year old son was born, and now finds herself thrust in a fight for survival.
SAT 3/34:30PM (RWC) | MON 3/59:45PM (HAM)
THU 3/84:50PM (RWC) | FRI 3/97:15PM (RWC)
Starring Matt Wells (Scars, Designated Survivor), Michael Rowe (Arrow), and Natalie Brown (The Strain). A powerful and raw look at the effects of childhood trauma through the eyes of two estranged cousins.
FRI 3/28:30PM (RWC) | SUN 3/48:30PM (RWC)
TUE 3/612:45PM (3B) |THU 3/89:30PM (RWC)
Searching for answers, Stu Stone finds more than his old trading card collection. He finds his estranged father Jack, who disappeared over 20 years ago.
SAT 3/33:40PM (RWC) | SUN 3/44:45PM (RWC)
THU 3/82:30PM (HAM) | SUN 3/113:00PM (3B)
A family separated for decades is finally reunited, in this captivating examination of the “60s Scoop” – where indigenous children were taken away from their birth parents and given to non-indigenous families.
WED 2/286:00PM (RWC) |THU 3/11:45PM (3B)
WED 3/74:45PM (3B)
A delinquent teen is kicked out of heaven by her father (who happens to be God) until she is able to learn empathy.
FRI 3/29:00PM (RWC) | SUN 3/45:20PM (RWC)
TUE 3/67:15PM (RWC) | FRI 3/95:00PM (HAM)
A beautiful and captivating dramatic comedy about a transitioning woman who discovers that she’s the father of a 14-year-old boy.
SAT 3/36:45PM (RWC) | SUN 3/41:35PM (3B)
TUE 3/62:00PM (CAL) | SUN 3/1112:30PM (RWC)
WED 2/289:30PM (RWC) | THU 3/13:30PM (RWC)
SUN 3/411:00AM (3B) | MON 3/58:30PM (3B)
WED 2/282:15PM (3B) | THU 3/16:00PM (RWC)
FRI 3/25:15PM (RWC) | SUN 3/48:45PM (3B)
THU 3/18:30PM (RWC) | FRI 3/24:30PM (3B)
SAT 3/10; 12:55PM (RWC) | SUN 3/11; 5:15PM (3B)
FRI 3/2; 11:30PM (3B) | MON 3/5; 5:30PM (RWC)
FRI 3/9; 9:00PM (3B) | SAT 3/10; 10:20PM (RWC)
FRI 3/2; 1:45PM (3B) | SUN 3/4; 12:50PM (RWC)
TUE 3/6; 6:00PM (3B) | SUN 3/11; 3:15PM (RWC)
SAT 3/3; 11:15AM (HAM) | SAT 3/3; 9:30PM (RWC)
SUN 3/4; 8:30PM (HAM) | SAT 3/10; 7:50PM (RWC)
SUN 3/11; 10:15AM (HAM) |
THU 3/1; 9:30PM (RWC) | SAT 3/3; 1:05PM (RWC)
MON 3/5; 4:45PM (CAL) | SAT 3/10; 2:15PM (RWC)
To learn more about the full festival lineup, and to purchase festival passes, tickets to screenings and special events, visit
Canadian Studies Program
213 Moses Hall #2308 WEBSITE | EMAIL

Canadians in Tech, 48Hrs in the Valley Nominations, and other great news

From one of our fellow Canadian organizations in the Bay area.

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22 Feb 18

Last chance to sign up for today

February 22, 3:00PM – 5:00PM

San Francisco, CA

Mike McCauley
General Partner, Garage Capital

Sutha Kamal

VP Technology Strategy, Technicolor
Only 2 spots left! Are you a Canadian entrepreneur hoping to get advice on fundraising and pitching in the Valley? Come join us tonight. We initiate conversations surrounding important topics such as:

  • Guidance and feedback on pitches from investors and entrepreneurs
  • Building a strong professional network in Silicon Valley
  • Fundraising trends and tips
  • and many more…

Join us at Canadians in Tech afterwards – Scroll down for more!

Register for Valley 101
February 22nd 
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
San Fransisco, CA
Registration are closing! Canadians in Tech is a monthly meetup for all Canadians visiting or living in the Bay Area to network with one another alongside C100’s staff, Charter Members and Partners.

RSVP below.
RSVP for Canadians In Tech

Updates and Other News

Congratulations to Wealthsimple for raising $65M in funding! The 48Hrs in the Valley alumnus now as a total investment of $165M after this round of funding from the Power Financial group of companies. More here.
Do you know any entrepreneurial youths between ages 18 to 24 that reside in Canada? The government of Canada is hosting “Youth Can Do It!“, an event aimed at connecting aspiring young entrepreneurs in Ottawa. Applications are open until March 12, 2018.
NEXT Canada is expanding their accelerator program to Montreal. They have joined SCALE.AI as one of their first Ontario partners. This is following news of SCALE.AI being selected to receive part of the government’s $950M investment in supercluster.
Nominations for 48Hrs in the Valley Summer 2018 are open! To find out more about how to get your company nominated be sure to check out our website!
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Together with RBC, “our stories” is a collection of real-life stories of successes, failures and insights into how to make the most of the connection between Silicon Valley and Canada.
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Other Upcoming Events

Canadians in Tech
March 22, 2018

Can’t attend February Canadians in Tech? Don’t miss our next one.

48Hrs in the Valley
June 19 & 20, 2018

A two-day event where we introduce Canada’s most promising startups to Silicon Valley’s top mentors, investors and industry executives

Other Events


May 14 – 16, 2018
1055 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Connect, Explore, & Learn @ Western Canada’s largest tech conference! Buy your ticket now and save $400! Early bird pricing ends on February 13.

Register Here


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