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Old Royal Canadian Legion, US Branch #25 Pictures (Circa 1939)

Here are some family pictures of the original Royal Canadian Legion, US Branch #25 that were submitted by member (and piper) Charlie Martin and his wife Holly.

Charlie tells us that his Grandmother is either the second or third from the left on the Women’s Auxiliary pictures, but he doesn’t see his Grandfather in the flag detail picture.  His grandparents were Donald and Imozene Martin.  Donald served in Canada during WWI, but never went overseas.

Based on the World’s Fair sign in the back, he estimated that the pictures are circa 1939.  He writes that looking at news papers of the time, the International Worlds Fair Horse Show had the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in it, and that there were apparently quite a few posts of the Royal Canadian Legion in the Bay Area back then.

Thanks to Charlie and Holly for sharing these images.

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Member Highlight: Joan Para

The picture was taken in 1942. Joan (who is in the second row, third from the right) and all those gals, except the Sergeant (who is to Joan’s right), had volunteered and were in Honiton, Devon (an area famous for lace making).  They were there for aptitude testing to determine to which jobs they would be best suited. Joan was assigned to Army Communications. She then went on to Bradford, near Leeds, for training and was eventually stationed in London, near Buckingham Palace. Joan served from 1942 to 1946.

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If you happen to be one of the individuals in this picture or if you know one of the people in this picture, Joan would love to hear from you.  Just contact us and we’ll pass your information on to her.