Start your pilgrimage today! World Map of Remembrance now $20 off!

From the Legion Magazine.

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Exploration Awaits
With the
World Map of Remembrance
World Map of Remembrance is now $20 off!

For a limited time only, save $20 on Canada’s World Map of Remembrance! 

Pinpoint your travel to memorials and cemeteries where Canadians are commemorated with the new World Map of Remembrance.

The detailed map of the world is surrounded by inset maps locating sites from four conflicts in which Canadians served: Boer War, First World War, Second World War and Korean War. More than 150 memorials and cemeteries are listed across the bottom and labelled on the map.

Printed on premium poster paper and perfect for…

• Travellers with an interest in military history

• Legion branches creating a record of pilgrimages by members

• Classrooms, libraries, offices and homes

36″ x 24″  

Memorial Photos
SafeStep Tubs

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