Commemorative D-Day products starting at $14.95!

From the Legion Magazine.

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Best-Selling 5-Volume Set!
World War II Collection only $34.95!
Liberating Normandy: The Road to Victory

Liberating Normandy
Special Issue | Only $14.95

On June 6, commemorate the 74th Anniversary of Canada’s assault on Juno Beach with one of Canada’s Ultimate Story’s best selling special issues – Liberating Normandy: The Road to Victory.

The Battle of Normandy was the beginning of the end of the Second World War in Northwest Europe. Canadian soldiers, sailors and airmen helped turn the tide towards victory when they landed on Juno Beach and won hard-fought battles against a determined enemy in the summer of 1944. The cost was high with more than 5,000 Canadians killed between June and August. In words and pictures, Canada‘s Ultimate Story presents a detailed account on Canada’s historic contribution.


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Invasion of Normandy
Regular: $44.95
Now 50% off | Only $22.48

D-Day—June 6, 1944—was the Allied assault on Hitler’s Fortress Europe. The largest seaborne attack in history, the invasion of Normandy, France, would propel the Allies to victory over the Axis powers within 11 monthsPLUSeach poster features a bonus map and timeline on back!


D-Day Collection Gift Pack!
Canada and the Second World War | The Battles is on newsstands now!
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