General Takes New Approach On The Transition To Civilian Life

From the Legion Magazine.

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General takes new approach
on the transition to civilian life

The chief of the defence staff has a theory: happy retirees make for more and better recruits. But recruitment—fundamental to a viable military—is barely keeping pace with attrition, and women aren’t enlisting in the numbers anticipated. And those may just be the incentives needed to turn Vance’s proposals into reality.

Liberating the Ritz

It was Ernest Hemingway himself who suggested that he was the first American in Paris as the Germans fled the city. But the great writer had a particular objective in mind. It wasn’t the liberation of the city that drove him, but the liberation of the Ritz Hotel, more specifically, the liberation of the hotel bar, more specifically still, the liberation of the precious champagne
stock in the storeroom below the bar.

April 20, 1900

William Nickerson of Dorchester, N.B., attends to a wounded man under heavy fire
during an assault in the Boer War. He is awarded the Victoria Cross.

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