Legionnaires asked to support Battle of the Atlantic Place

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Legionnaires asked to support
Battle of the Atlantic Place

By Stephen J. ThorneIt was an epic and heroic battle. The convoys were the Allies’ lifeline and at
stake was nothing less than the outcome of the war itself and the future of the free world.
It demanded a Herculean effort, technological innovation and untold resources.
Yet all that remains of one of its most iconic symbols, the corvette, is a single vessel—HMCS Sackville, tied up on the Halifax waterfront a few months a year.

Now a group called the Canadian Naval Memorial Trust is changing that.

A quiet victory in the Gulf

By Marc Milner

When Canada declared war on Germany in September 1939, the most immediate threat
to the country was an attack on its shipping. That fear was so palpable that when periscopes were soon “sighted” in the St. Lawrence River, no one was surprised. Find out how Canada
shut down the U-boat assault in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in 1942.

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June 11, 1847

Explorer John Franklin dies aboard HMS Erebus, ice-bound in the Arctic.
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