New exhibit spans five conflicts

From the Legion Magazine.

5-Volume Set
Front lines : a new weekly feature

New exhibit spans five conflicts

by Stephen J. Thorne

Gallery 4: From the Cold War to the Present, which opened
on Sept. 21 at the Canadian War Museum, spans five conflicts, reflecting Canada’s shifting priorities from its role as a traditional UN peacekeeper and dutiful NATO guardsman to peacemaker and war-fighter in the Persian Gulf, Somalia and Afghanistan, and referee, of some futility, to the
horrors of ethnic cleansing in the Balkans and Rwanda.


Camp X

War on two wheels

by Sharon Adams

Motorcycles were indispensable in both world wars. In the First World War, only a handful of motorcycles went across when the Canadians embarked for Europe, but by war’s end, thousands had been put to good use. In the Second World War, the speed, adaptability and sheer power of the motorcycle was invaluable; the Allies produced more than 700,000 of them.


legion magazine Passchendaele

September 27, 1954

HMCS Labrador, the first naval vessel to traverse the
Northwest Passage, receives a hero’s welcome at Esquimalt, B.C.


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