Reminder: Remembrance Day Ceremonies – Liberty Cemetery, Petaluma

Please note that one month from today the Royal Canadian Legion US Zone, Branch #25, representing the San Francisco Bay Area, will be organizing formal Remembrance Day ceremonies each year that are open to the public.

Each Remembrance Day is observed at Liberty Cemetery in Petaluma, CA.

10:30am – Ceremonies begin

11:30am – Break for lunch (which is on one’s own)

1:00pm – Small parade from the park in downtown Petaluma, organized by the municipality (information about the parade can be found at, the Legionnaires will march in this parade.

2 thoughts on “Reminder: Remembrance Day Ceremonies – Liberty Cemetery, Petaluma

  1. Patricia Dalton for my father Charles Maderson

    is Remembrance Day service 2018 at Liberty cemetery Petaluma Ca on the 10th or the 11th ??


    1. Michael Barbour Post author

      Patricia, yes it is indeed on Saturday, 10 November at 10:30am.

      As we also participate in the Festival of Remembrance, which is organized by the Royal British Legion on the Sunday closest to Remembrance Day. As Remembrance Day falls on a Sunday this year, it would have meant having to leave Petaluma and be down to Grace Cathedral in San Francisco by 2pm. Given the age fo some of our veterans, we felt that this rush was not in their best interests and scheduled our ceremony on the day before.



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