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From the Wreaths Across America organization.

10/24/2017 WAA eNewsletter

What To Say To Your Friends

At Wreaths Across America HQ, we so live the mission to Remember, Honor, and Teach each day… that we sometimes feel surprised when we meet someone who has never heard of the wreath-laying tradition before.
But in the world of mission-driven, veteran service organizations, even with our over one million volunteers we are still pretty young and like the new kids on the block.
So how would you explain Wreaths Across America to your neighbor, coworker, of a visiting family member?
We have a new video (only 30 seconds long) down below, which says a lot about the mission, in a few words. And did you know that with our new website, when you sponsor a wreath you can now invite your friends (free with email and $2 with a card) to join you, and share the wreath-laying experience – together?
Introduce Wreaths Across America to someone you love, and they will thank you for it. We are Americans. We are One.
~ Karen Worcester | Executive Director
and the Wreaths Across America Team
What Is Wreaths Across America? | 30 Second Spot

What Is Wreaths Across America? | 30 Second Spot

Wreaths Across America is a national 501(c)3 with over 1300+ participating locations nationwide, in all 50 states and 24 foreign veteran cemeteries on foreign soil.
  ​  ​  ​  ​
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Stories For and About Our Veterans

Remembrance Tree Program

Wreaths Across America

Today marks 47 days until December 16, 2017, National Wreaths Across America Day. We have had the privilege of sharing stories with you from our dedicated volunteers across the nation about…

Thanking Our Vets

Wreaths Across America-Houston Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring and thanking our veterans for their service and sacrifice. Their mission – Remember. Honor. Teach.
"Free Open To the Public " Wreaths Across America Ceremony at Greenlawn 

“Free Open To the Public ” Wreaths Across America Ceremony at Greenlawn 

This is our 5th year in Salem Hosting Wreaths Across America at Greenlawn Cemetery. We encourage you to attend and Participate in the ceremony it is Free of cha
Wreaths Across Americas

Wreaths Across America’s “Trucking Tributes” Present the Rolling Ambassadors Opportunity

Motivated and dedicated patriots across the country and at locations overseas power the Maine-based nonprofit organization. The mission to remember, honor, and teach is carried out daily.

Wreaths Across America - Official Page

100 Reasons Why We Remember, Honor and Teach. The Countdown to Wreath Day is On

“As part of our Wreaths Across America project, we work with the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, the Explorers, Young Marines, and sometimes 4H members,” Mike explains.
  ​  ​  ​  ​
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This Week In Social Media:

Florida Man Spends His One Day Off Cleaning Veterans Tombstones

20 Amazing Vintage Photographs of American Troops During World War I

It was 100 years ago this year that the United States officially entered World War I, when Congress voted to declare war on Germany on April 6, 1917. After more than two years of trying to…
Read More
World War II survivor, 84, finally receives high school diploma

Iconic ‘Lone Sailor’ Now Greets Visitors to Pearl Harbor

By Katie Lange Defense Media Activity You may recognize him – a lone sailor, bundled in his button-down coat, a sea bag by his side, gazing into the distance. The bronze statue of the Lone…
Read More
Former Soldier Trekking to Four Corners of Lower 48 to Call Attention to PTSD

Former Soldier Trekking to Four Corners of Lower 48 to Call Attention to PTSD

Eli Smith, a veteran from Ohio, has spent almost a year hiking from Florida to California and up to Washington in an effort to walk to the four corners of the United States to raise…
Read More
Korean War POW Earns Medal of Honor for Saving His Unit

General John Kelly’s Speech About Two Marines in the Path of a Truck Bomb

Eight years ago, two Marines from two different walks of life who had literally just met were told to stand guard in front of their outpost’s entry-control point. Minutes later, they were…
Read More

Wednesday Webinars

WAA Weekly Webinar - New Website Updates!

WAA Weekly Webinar – New Website Updates!

In this week’s webinar with Tobin and Courtney, we talked about updates to the new WAA website, and how it is going to make it SO much easier for our supporters to add merchandise to our sponsorships, and for our location coordinators to get the information they need about grave specific requests.
  ​  ​  ​  ​
Watch Video

Wishing You A Safe And Happy Halloween – Remember The Families Who Are Not Able To Celebrate Together Tonight!


The 2017 Volunteer Shirts Are Now Available For Orders!

Wear Your Pride - Order Your Volunteer Shirts So They Will Arrive In Time For Wreaths Across America Day

Wear Your Pride – Order Your Volunteer Shirts So They Will Arrive In Time For Wreaths Across America Day

2017 Wreaths Across America Volunteer Shirts Are Here!. Campaign ends Sunday, November 26 in order to deliver all orders before December 16th – National Wreath Day. Help us meet our fundraising goal of 250 shirts!
  ​  ​  ​  ​
Order Shirts Now!

We would love to hear from you on any of these channels:

​      ​​      ​​      ​

​      ​​      ​​      ​

Do you know of a patriotic story for or about our veterans, that we should be sharing? We would love to hear it!

You can submit the basic details here, and we will follow up with you.
Note: Have you ever had a conversation with a “reporter-bot?” We set this up to collect stories 24/7 or whenever it is convenient for you, and then the WAA Social Media Team can join the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Mark Your Calendars:


While Supplies Last

Did You Order Your Wreath Carrying Truck Block Set?

Did You Order Your Wreath Carrying Truck Block Set?

Since last week, we received hundreds of orders on this limited time, WAA-branded Wreath Delivery Tractor Trailer Set. This is new in 2017 but we only have a limited number in inventory and available before the holidays, so order now if you want to make sure you get one!
Order This Toy Truck Set


Did you miss one of our recent newsletters? You can see the archive and update your email settings in our new Newsletter Central.

Join us on December 16th (the 3rd Saturday in December), 2017 for National Wreaths Across America Day. Use this map to find a location and sign up to volunteer. Can’t find a location near you? You can start one (adding new locations for 2017)!
Donate or Sign Up To Volunteer
“Remember this…. In truth a person dies twice, once when he stops breathing, and a second time when somebody mentions his or her name for the last time. Join us in December when over one million volunteers nationwide, will say the names of a million fallen out loud, to make sure they will never be forgotten.”

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Taya Kyle on the

FASTPORT Encourages Industry Leaders to Join Wreaths Across America Mission to Honor, Remember and Teach

To support the Wreaths Across America mission to Honor, Remember and Teach, FASTPORT encouraged over 40 industry-leading companies to join the annual wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington…
  ​  ​  ​  ​
Read More About Fastport
10/24/2017 WAA eNewsletter
Wreaths Across America HQ, 4 Point Street, Columbia Falls, ME 04623

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