Merry Christmas to our devoted readers!

From the Legion Magazine.

Merry Christmas!
Front lines
On operations with G.I. Joe

On operations with G.I. Joe 

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

It was the one and only Christmas I went downstairs before anyone else in the
family—a grievous breach of protocol in my house, where we traditionally
gathered military-style at the top of the stairs and descended together.

But the Christmas I was six, or maybe it was seven, I just couldn’t wait.
And for good reason because there, under the tree at 6 a.m., was the
one thing I had desperately wanted: a G.I. Joe.

Centurions of Christmas

Centurions of Christmas

Story by Terry Fallis

There’s a photo that hangs in our church taken in the early 1940s. It’s a big church in
Toronto—it seats about 800 or so—with one of the largest United Church congregations in Canada.
The photo was taken from up in the east side gallery looking down on the main sanctuary.
Every pew below is packed to the gunnels with Canadian servicemen in uniform.
It was a special service for them on the eve of their departure for the war in Europe.

Christmas on the Front lines

Christmas on the front lines

A special Christmas tribute video dedicated to all those who served and continue to serve.


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