[eNewsletter #167] Showing Respect With The Retiring Of The Wreaths

From the Wreaths Across America organization.

Showing Respect With The Retiring Of The Wreaths

This past weekend and over the next several, our 1422 locations nationwide will be organizing volunteers for what we call ‘The Retiring of the Wreaths’ – cleanup effort that is every bit as patriotic as the day the wreaths are placed in December.
In fact, if you have ever heard the song Veterans Day, by Don Campbell (a long time WAA supporter) you know that we “teach our children how to respect, by mowing the lawns for Veterans Day.” 
With winter weather wreaking havoc over most of the country, there is not a lot of lawn mowing to worry about. But for those who serve (and those who love them) each day is Veterans Day, or Memorial Day, and we cannot show our appreciation enough.
Note – Don is also the one who wrote the Snow at Arlington, about Wreaths Across America. Definitely worth a listen if you have not heard it.
With those words and spirit in mind, this week’s newsletter salutes our hard-working, and ever dutiful Location Coordinators who make the Wreath Day events happen in communities all across this great land.
Without them and all our dedicated volunteers, there would be no Wreath Day and no Mission to Remember, Honor, and Teach.
Freedom Is Not Free

When a Ripple of Respect Becomes A Wave of Patriotism and Pride

A heartfelt thank you to all those volunteers who participate in National Wreaths Across America Day at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, and for sharing your ceremony for all to see.
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Cleanup Is On This Weekend – Regardless Of A Potential Gov’t Shutdown

The “Retiring Of The Wreaths” (Cleanup Day) is coordinated locally, with dates and times set by each Location Coordinator in conjunction with the cemetery administration. The date for Arlington National Cemetery is Saturday, January 20th, 2018 (starting at 8:30am).
Volunteering At Arlington This Weekend?

Volunteering At Arlington This Weekend?

Planning to volunteer for #WreathsOut on Jan. 20? DidYouKnow you don’t have to arrive via our main entrance on Memorial Avenue?
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Use This Map To Find Details About Locations Near You.

More ANC Cleanup Day Information

Here’s what you need to know about #WreathsOut at Arlington National Cemetery that is coming up this weekend.
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News Stories For And About Our Veterans

Unaccompanied veterans given military funeral honors

Unaccompanied Veterans Given Military Funeral Honors

Carol Edwards had never heard of William Eatherton before Monday, but the two now share a special bond.
Veteran students, horses partner in care at UCD

Veteran Students, Horses Partner in Care at UCD

UC Davis student Edgar Garcia, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, brushed the hair along a horse’s neck, back and sides. Here, grooming is more than preparation for riding.
Why Bangor, Maine is the most patriotic town in America

Why Bangor, Maine is the Most Patriotic Town in America

As far as small towns shaking the hand of nearly every post 9/11 troop who’s gone overseas at all hours of the days, only Bangor, ME stands tall.
EFC Newport’s American Heritage Girls End Year Laying Wreaths With Wreaths Across America

EFC Newport’s American Heritage Girls End Year Laying Wreaths With Wreaths Across America

EFC Newport’s American Heritage Girls (AHG) recently participated at the Wreath Laying Ceremony with Wreaths Across America at Island Cemetery on Saturday, December 16, 2017 at 12:00 pm.
Nonprofit seeks to pair military veterans with rescued dogs

Nonprofit Seeks to Pair Military Veterans With Rescued Dogs

American Humane wants to give trained service dogs to military veterans suffering from the hidden wounds of war.
This is why some sailors wear gold stripes, and some wear red

This is Why Some Sailors Wear Gold Stripes, and Some Wear Red

Earning the yellow stripes takes a special combination of honor, courage, and commitment.

Wreaths Across America Toy Truck Block Set Giveaway (3 different ways to win)!

Wreaths Across America Toy Truck Block Set Giveaway (3 different ways to win)!

As part of our thank you to the trucking industry, make sure you enter the WAA Toy Truck Block Set Giveaway and Share The Mission with your littlest loved ones. No cost to enter.

If you share with a friend and they win – you win automatically too!
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Join us on December 15th (the 3rd Saturday in December), 2018 for National Wreaths Across America Day. Use this map to find a location and sign up to volunteer. Can’t find a location near you? You can start one (adding new locations for 2018)!
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This Week We Remembered…

Each day we #SayTheirNames and #We Remember:

On January 9th, we remembered, Army Chief Warrant Officer James Larry Phipps, who served during the Vietnam war and made the ultimate sacrifice on this day 50 years ago.
On January 10th, we posted about, Navy Enlisted Frank Howard Bower, who served his country during WWII and made the ultimate sacrifice on this day in 1943.
On January 11th, we honored, Marine Staff Sergeant Matthew N Ingham, who served during Operation Enduring Freedom and made the ultimate sacrifice on this day 8 years ago.
On January 12th, we recognized, Army First Lieutenant Alexander R Nininger, who served his country during WWII and made the ultimate sacrifice on this day in 1942.
For January13th, we gave tribute and a moment of silence for, Marine Sergeant William Francis Hottinger, who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving during the Korean War.
On January 14th, we remembered, Air Force Airman First Class Michael Thomas Moran, who served during Vietnam and gave his life on this day in 1969.
And on January 15th, we honored, Army Spc. Dustin L. Kendall, who served during Operation Iraqi Freedom and made the ultimate sacrifice on this day in 2006.
“Remember this…. In truth a person dies twice, once when he stops breathing, and a second time when somebody mentions his or her name for the last time. Join us in December when over one million volunteers nationwide, will say the names of a million fallen out loud, to make sure they will never be forgotten.”

This Week’s Newsletter Is Dedicated To:

All The Location Coordinators Who Work Hard All Year Long!

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This Is What Wreaths Across America Day Was Like At Indiantown Gap National Cemetery

With 1422 participating locations, there are too many dedicated individuals to thank and spotlight for all their hard work throughout the year, to make Wreath Day happen. But as a tribute to ALL our hard-working Location Coordinators and Fundraising Groups nationwide, here is a small sample of the words and deeds that drive the Mission to Remember, Honor, and Teach. Video shared courtesy of Floyd Turner.
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