Prisoners of War | Special Web-Feature Released Today!

From the Legion Magazine.

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Prisoners of War | New Web Feature

Prisoners of War | A Special Feature Series

Story by Sharon Adams and Todd E. Caissie
Designed by Julia Paddick

Canadians taken captive in the First and Second World Wars experienced brutality and starvation in prison camps, sometimes suffering years of confinement that compromised their health and sanity.

This new special web-feature uncovers the true stories of Canadians who were captured in WW I and WW II through captivating narration and informed research on their experiences. The site also includes a bonus story on the fascinating treatment of PoWs on Canadian soil.



Halifax explosion thumbnail

The Halifax Explosion

A collision between two ships in Halifax Harbour in 1917 set off an explosion unrivalled until the atomic bomb. An entire neighbourhood was destroyed, thousands killed and injured, thousands more left homeless. Army and navy personnel worked shoulder-to-shoulder with civilians on rescue, recovery and reconstruction.

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Cold Comfort Thumbnail

Cold Comfort

Winner for Best Interactive Story at the 
2017 Canadian Online Publishing Awards! 
Explore the compelling story of two U.S. destroyers wrecked on Newfoundland’s rocky shores in a blizzard over 75 years ago and the heroic rescue
of 186 sailors by local miners and townspeople.
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Front lines

More angel than mortal: The nursing sisters of The Great War

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

They provided medical aid, comfort and peace to wounded and dying soldiers throughout decades of war, but it was during the First World War that the nursing sisters of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps came into their own.


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