RELEASED TODAY – Battle of the Somme | Narrated by Linden MacIntyre

From the Legion Magazine.

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Military Moments | Battle of the Somme

Military Moments | Battle of the Somme
Narrated by Linden MacIntyre

It was the most gigantic, tenacious, grim, futile and bloody fight ever waged in the history of war.

In leading up to the 102nd anniversary of the Battle of the Somme on July 1Legion Magazine and Canada’s Ultimate Story present Military Moments | Battle of the Somme. Written by Don Gillmor and narrated by Canadian journalist, broadcaster and novelist Linden MacIntyre, the video explores the devastation of one of the bloodiest battles in history where more than 1.3 million soldiers on both sides were killed or wounded. #LestWeForget #TheSomme


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