Sign our petition to ensure HMRC is not the biggest beneficiary of our campaign

From the There But Not There organization.

Help us ensure the Treasury doesn’t receive more money than our charities
Our There But Not There campaign has raised nearly £4m through sales of our Tommies.

£800,000 of that has been paid in tax to HMRC.

So far, HMRC is the single largest beneficiary of our fundraising. You can find out more in the Telegraph.

In the centenary year of the end of the First World War, it seems wrong to us that veterans won’t benefit from a large chunk of the money you have helped us raise. So we are calling on the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, to return the VAT raised on the sale of our Tommies so that we can make sure it goes to those who need it most.

How can you help?
We need your help to encourage the government to do the right thing.

  • Sign our petition
  • Encourage your friends and family to sign
  • Share on social media with the hashtag #TommyVAT – the links below will make that easy for you!
  • Tag the Chancellor @PhilipHammondUK and let him know what you think!
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Our mailing address is:
33 Ranelagh Gardens, Royal Hospital Chelsea
Royal Hospital Road, London, SW3 4SR

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