The folly of militarizing space

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The folly of militarizing space

The folly of militarizing space

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

The International Space Station has been manned by 220 people from 17 countries since 2000, including six Canadians on eight missions. It is a shining star in the annals of borderless co-operation and the peaceful pursuit of knowledge. A “space force” conjures up images of The Thunderbirds, the marionette-driven 1960s television series whose (unintentionally) comical if not earnest puppets comprised a force of privately funded do-gooders operating on land, sea and in outer space. The reality would inevitably be somewhat less altruistic and peace-fostering.


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Military Milestones
Military Milestones

The Gulf War begins

The Persian Gulf War began on Jan. 16-17, 1991, when a coalition of 35 countries under the United Nations came together to push Iraq out of Kuwait.

Iraq invaded on Aug. 2, 1990, claiming Kuwaiti oil rigs were tapping into Iraqi oil fields and that Kuwait was really a part of Iraq.

Canadian warships were dispatched within weeks. The Canadian commander, Captain Duncan (Dusty) Miller, became co-ordinator of multinational naval combat logistics.

United Nations warnings escalated until January, when Iraq ignored an ultimatum to withdraw, and the UN Security Council authorized coalition countries to liberate Kuwait.

More than 4,000 Canadian Armed Forces members served on HMC ships Terra NovaAthabaskan and Protecteur, and in 1991 and ’92, with Huron and Restigouche; on U.S. hospital ships and with 1 Canadian Field Hospital in the Saudi Arabian desert; at Canadian headquarters in Bahrain; and in communications, logistical and security support roles.


This week in history
This week in history

January 16, 1920

In Paris, the League of Nations Council meets for the first time.


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