CBC covers the Battle of Carpiquet

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Military Milestones
CBC covers the Battle of Carpiquet

CBC covers the Battle of Carpiquet

Story by Sharon Adams

War correspondent Matthew Halton covered the Second World War for the CBC. Here is an extract from a recording of what he saw and heard during the Canadian attack on Carpiquet village and airfield July 4, 1944.

“This is Matthew Halton of the CBC speaking from France.

“It’s two minutes to five in Normandy and the sun hasn’t risen yet over us or over the Germans 800 yards away. It will rise on a fearful scene because at 5 o’clock precisely the Canadians are going to attack. And they’ll attack with the most enormous concentration of fire ever put down on a small objective….


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Front Lines
Last men standing

Last men standing

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

More than a million Canadians served in the Second World War. As of March 31, 2018, just 41,100 of them remained, according to Veterans Affairs Canada. They averaged 93 years old.

Some 25,000 Canadians served in Korea. Sixteen months ago, 7,200 survived, average age 86.

Here are the last surviving veterans of Canada’s previous wars:


This week in history
This week in history

July 3, 1931

The first ships built for the Royal Canadian Navy, HMCS Saguenay and HMCS Skeena, complete their maiden voyages to Halifax from Portsmouth, England.


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