Editorial Newsletter _ AUG14

An item from Caveat Publications, the published of the Legion Magazine, a few days ago.

Front Lines
Anguish—even as corruption, violence, political instability are left behind

Betty Metcalfe: “I lost my brother to a Nazi executioner”

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

The last words Betty Metcalfe’s brother Jack ever spoke to her still haunt her almost 80 years later.

It was 1940 and the Metcalfe family of Glace Bay, N.S.—mother, father, their two girls and two boys—had just spent their last Christmas together.

Betty and her younger sister Yvonne would join the Women’s Army Corps. The youngest, William (Bill) would enlist with the Cape Breton Highlanders.


Military Milestones
The Mac-Paps serve in Spain

Canadians take Hill 70

Story by Sharon Adams

The Battle of Hill 70 was a 10-day Canadian Corps victory in the First World War that came at a terrible cost to both sides.

It began on Aug. 15, 1917, and by the end of the first day alone, 1,056 Canadians had been killed, 2,432 wounded and 39 taken prisoner. Lieutenant-General Arthur Currie had taken command of Canadian Corps in June, after the Battle of Vimy Ridge. He was ordered to take Lens, a French coal mining town that had been a German stronghold since 1914. But he believed capturing and fortifying Hill 70 was a necessary first step.


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This week in history
This week in history

August 13, 1941

The Canadian Women’s Army Corps is established.


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Legion Magazine

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