HMCS Iroquois damaged in Korea

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Military Milestones
HMCS Iroquois damaged in Korea

HMCS Iroquois damaged in Korea

Story by Sharon Adams

HMCS Iroquois was on its first tour of duty in Korea, under frequent fire as it patrolled the east coast, itself frequently firing on North Korean rail lines.

A tunnel near Songjin on the main rail line carrying war supplies from Russia to North Korea was frequently shelled and under constant repair. It was the target for about two hours on Oct. 2, 1952, as Iroquois worked to keep repair crews from bringing the line back into operation.


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Front Lines
Hitler, Raeder, and the demise of the Kriegsmarine

Hitler, Raeder, and the
demise of the Kriegsmarine

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

Given his obsessive, hands-on leadership, intolerance of failure, and penchant for brutal punishment, it had to be more than a little disconcerting when an infuriated Adolf Hitler learned details of a major sea battle from a British news agency hours before his own admirals told him about it.

Der Führer was so angry that he scrapped the German high-seas fleet in the midst of the Second World War. Grand Admiral Erich Raeder, who had commanded the Kriegsmarine for 14 years, would surrender his post to Admiral Karl Dönitz, head of Germany’s vaunted U-boat fleet.


Liberation of the Netherlands Poster
This week in history
This week in history

October 2-3, 1944

First Canadian Army begins its hard slog to clear the
Scheldt Estuary in an effort to open the port of Antwerp.


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