Deal of the Month! – 50% OFF – John McCrae and the Battles of Flanders –New Special Issue

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ReaderPerks | Deal of the Month for February 2020

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We are pleased to offer our ReaderPerks members the latest Special Issue John McCrae and the Battles of Flanders at 50% OFFThis exclusive ReaderPerks Price and Special Issue is only available to our ReaderPerks members and available until February 3, 2020. We hope you enjoy this month’s perk and thank you for your continued interest in Canada’s fascinating history!

The Life of John McCrae

John McCrae—doctor, gunner and poet—was shaken by the battlefield death of a friend in May 1915, and wrote the poem “In Flanders Fields” in tribute. The poem took on a life of its own, and remains today a renowned symbol of remembrance. As a surgeon, McCrae also saved the lives of countless Canadian soldiers, wounded in the fierce battles on the muddy, cratered fields of Belgium’s Flanders region. Written by Tom MacGregor, this homage paid to Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae highlights some of the many facets of the man whose famous poem, “In Flanders Fields.” With our newest edition of Canada’s Ultimate Story, we offer our readers the the opportunity to explore McCrae and his life, work and legacy.


Legion Magazine

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