Navy considers replacing ‘seaman’ ranks with gender-neutral terms

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Front Lines
Navy considers replacing ‘seaman’ ranks with gender-neutral terms

Navy considers replacing ‘seaman’ ranks
with gender-neutral terms

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

Looking to recruit more women—or anyone, for that matter—the Royal Canadian Navy is switching to gender-neutral terms for its junior ranks.

The ranks master seaman, leading seaman, able seaman and ordinary seaman will be scrapped and likely replaced by equivalent ‘hands’ or ‘rates,’ depending on the outcome of discussions and an informal survey launched by the navy.


Military Milestones
Canadians’ baptism of fire

Fighting in the Rhineland

Story by Sharon Adams

First Canadian Army saw its first combat on German soil during the Second World War at the Battle of the Rhineland between Feb. 8 and March 11, 1945. And bloody it was.

The Germans were heavily armed, well supplied and fanatical, dug in behind a network of trenches and machine-gun nests in three defensive lines, including the Siegfried Line, built in the 1930s through the Reichswald Forest, and another line of fortifications through the Hochwald Forest. They had been ordered by Adolf Hitler personally not to give up German soil.


World War II Collection - 75.99
This week in history
This week in history

March 13, 2002

In Paktia Province, Afghanistan, land and air forces of the U.S. and Canada launch an assault on Taliban and al-Qaida resistance.


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Legion Magazine

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