Anzac Day 2020 – This Is The Call To Stand At Dawn

A couple of items from the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services’ Association concerning the up-coming ANZAC Day.  Note that 6am on 25 April in New Zealand is 11am today (Friday) here in California.

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Anzac Day 2020
On the eve of Anzac Day, are you prepared to stand alongside your fellow New Zealanders and Australians to remember and honour all those who have given so much for us?

The world has changed. What was normal just over a month ago, no longer reflects the society we live in today. But we have always been an innovative and resilient nation of people. While we are unable to go about our daily routines like we used to, or commemorate events in traditional ways, we can still ensure that we hold to the values that the Anzac spirit is based upon. Anzac Day means so much to both New Zealand and Australia. That traumatic Gallipoli campaign 105 years ago has in many ways helped define our fighting spirit and sense of identity across our two nations. It is that spirit and the Trans-Tasman bond that we will need to draw upon in coming months.

Now is the time to show that spirit.

At 6 am tomorrow, Saturday 25 April, take a moment to remember and honour our Anzacs and all those heroes who have served for New Zealand. Join us to Stand At Dawn. Tune in the Dawn Service broadcast at 5:55 am and gather those in your bubble to mark Anzac Day 2020.  Whether it be in your front yard, at your letterbox, the living room, on your balcony or at the front door, it doesn’t matter. It is the act of remembering and honouring that counts. Anzac Day 2020 will mark the beginning of a new, defining chapter in New Zealand history as we come out of lockdown next week. Let’s harness that Anzac spirit, by honouring our past and present heroes before we begin to re-build our future.

6 am, Anzac Day, Saturday 25 April 2020

  • Show your support by decorating your home, letterbox, a tree, balcony or garden, get creative.
  • Share your efforts on social by tagging us @RSA_National and using the hashtag #StandAtDawn.
  • Gather in your living room, front door, balcony, at the gate or in your yard to observe Dawn Service.
Online Dawn Service Broadcast

Saturday 25 April, 6am

Radio New Zealand is our broadcasting partner, bringing you Dawn Service at 6 am. This broadcast will be available on radio and online. For more information check out for broadcast information.
Thank you to Radio New Zealand for your support in making this happen.

We will remember them.

Listen to broadcast
Finally, in the last few days you have all shared a lot of photos and video content with us. During that time, we saw one video on Youtube that we think is a wonderful tribute to those heroes who gave their lives in one of our most recent conflicts. (Credit: Youtube: nh6milhistory)
Watch Now
A Message for ‘Stand At Dawn’ from
My “ANZAC journey” began when I first visited Çanakkale/Gallipoli three decades ago as a student. The deeper I moved around the area the more a shiver ran through me. That beautiful peninsula was, 105 years ago, a bloody stage for a war like no other the world had ever before seen. Mixed emotions evoked in me a sense of pride in my nation and our grandfathers who bravely defended Turkey, but also a pride for that unique friendship carved out and uniting our nations for over a century.
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If you would like to offer support, below is a link to our Givalittle page where donations are welcomed.
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Get The Family involved with
Stand At Dawn Activities

With children at home due to the lockdown restrictions, keep their minds ticking with these Anzac themed crafts & activities. The perfect combination of entertainment & historical education. Want to get right into the spirit of commemoration, enter our “Decorate your Letterbox” competition and be in to win some RSA themed prizes! Competitions, not your thing? We’ve got the perfect Anzac Biscuit recipe from nanny’s secret cookbook! There’s something for everyone from Poppy making to virtual lay Poppy. Have a go and tag us in your efforts @rsa_national and NZ Defence Force with the hashtag  #standatdawn.

Lets Go
If you would like to offer support further, below is a link to our Givalittle page where donations are welcomed.
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