The day we earned seven Victoria Crosses

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A Dane with the CEF

The day we earned seven Victoria Crosses

Story by Sharon Adams

On Sept. 2, 1918, Day 26 of the Hundred Days Offensive, the objective was to breach the Drocourt-Quéant Line, a heavily fortified German front stretching about 25 kilometres between the two towns in northern France.

Seven members of the Canadian Corps earned the Victoria Cross that day as they overran the line across a front of six kilometres and penetrated nearly 10 kilometres into enemy-held land.



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German Red Cross to continue
tracking WW II disappearances

Written by Stephen J. Thorne

For many outside the battle zones of Europe, the Second World War is a matter of textbooks and faded black-and-white photographs.

But for those whose roots lay in the paths of Adolf Hitler’s conquest, the war remains close, a tactile connection to tragedy and loss even 75 years and three generations removed from 85 million deaths and untold suffering. Siblings, children, grandchildren feel the pang of lost relatives many never knew.

In Germany, where the war began and ended, the fate of more than a million soldiers and citizens remains unknown. Many were taken prisoner by Red Army troops, never to be seen again.


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This week in history
This week in history

September 2, 1945

Japan signs terms of surrender on USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, bringing an end to six years of war.


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