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No one ever set out to earn a Victoria Cross, which is awarded for “valour in the face of the enemy.” They were mostly spontaneous acts in the heat of battle. Of 98 Canadian recipients, 36 received their award posthumously. For dozens of action-packed accounts of valour and sacrifice on the battlefield, pick up a copy of Canada and the Victoria Cross, to be released on newsstands in November 2020.


Front Lines
UN calls out Canada for helping  perpetuate Yemen war

UN calls out Canada for helping
perpetuate Yemen war

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

Canada has been selling armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia, and as a result has been included on a list of countries called out by a United Nations panel for perpetuating the war in Yemen.

The three-member panel says third-party states continue to profit from the unrelenting fighting, despite previous admonishments. It’s the first time the experts have named Canada in their annual assessment.


Military Milestones
The firestorm of 2003

The firestorm of 2003

Story by Sharon Adams

In the summer of 2003, British Columbia was ablaze.

Some 2,500 separate forest fires burned through more than 250,000 hectares of trees, fields, vineyards and crops—an area about half the size of Prince Edward Island.

Hundreds of homes and dozens of businesses burned. More than 30,000 people were evacuated in the path of a destructive fire so hot that whole trees burst instantaneously into flame.


The Great Canadiana 4-Pack
This week in history
This week in history

September 18, 2008

After an ambush in Afghanistan, Master Corporal Mike Trauner leaves cover and engages attackers
to protect pinned-down comrades. He is awarded the Military Medal of Valour.


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