Our War Graves, Your History

An item from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.


Whilst many people associate our work with the vast cemeteries and memorials of France and Belgium, we also maintain stunning cemeteries and memorials across Great Britain. Across England, Scotland and Wales the CWGC commemorates over 300,000 Commonwealth service personnel at more than 12,000 locations. To highlight this commitment we have created a new digital experience, Our War Graves, Your History, for you to explore. Using this new digital resource, we encourage you to learn about our work, discover the history of the world wars and explore the heritage of our organisation on your doorstep.
2020 has been a year like no other, and though the world may look very different the CWGC continues to care for the Commonwealth service personnel who fell during the two World Wars. While you might not be able to travel further afield to visit the battlefields of the two World Wars – from the Western Front to the Far East – we encourage you to explore our work across Great Britain through this interactive resource and reconnect with your local history and heritage.
There has never been a better time to rediscover your local history than now, with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Explore Great Britain

Across Great Britain, we commemorate over 300,000 service personnel at more than 12,000 locations. Use our interactive map to find cemeteries and memorials in your region, and discover our remarkable sites of remembrance, meet our dedicated teams, learn about your local history and explore highlights from the CWGC Archive.

Where to Start?

From isolated cemeteries on the west coast of Scotland to sprawling inner city necropolises, and from dramatic architectural masterpieces to intimate local churchyards, with so much to discover, where should you begin? In our latest blog we highlight just six of the remarkable cemeteries and memorials we maintain across Great Britain.

Get Involved

From helping our Archives team maintain our records, to giving talks to schools and community groups, our volunteers help ensure that our history remains relevant to future generations. If you would be interested in volunteering opportunities with us then please register your interest here.

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