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Canada and the Victoria Cross

Today is the FINAL DAY to subscribe in order to get…
Canada and the Victoria Cross

The next issue in the award-winning series Canada’s Ultimate Story is Canada and the Victoria Cross. No one ever set out to earn a Victoria Cross, which is awarded for “valour in the face of the enemy.” They were mostly spontaneous acts in the heat of battle. Of 98 Canadian recipients, 36 received their award posthumously.

The lore behind the VC is sprinkled with strange and heart-wrenching stories. Victoria Crosses have been cherished, stolen, lost, recovered, sold and even pawned. Some recipients attained high office; some died in poverty.

For dozens of action-packed accounts of valour and sacrifice on the battlefield, subscribe to Canada’s Ultimate Story today and get Canada and the Victoria Cross as your first issue, available across Canada in November 2020.

Plus, you will be entered into a contest to win an Apple iPad!

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