have you got your Tommy for Remembrance?

An item from the organization formerly known as There But Not There.


Many of us have a personal link to the brave men who made the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefields of the First World War. Next week, the nation will fall silent to pay its respects and remember all who’s lives have been lost serving their country, from the Great War to the currently serving generation of brave men and women.

A Word from Our Tommy Club President

 We are proud to introduce our President of the Tommy Club, General The Lord Dannatt GCB CBE MC DL.

A soldier for forty years, Lord Dannatt concluded his military career as Chief of the General Staff. Since retiring from active duty in 2009, he has continued to be a champion for Armed Forces veterans.

“I want to do all I can to keep our Armed Forces veterans top of mind. I am deeply concerned about their ongoing needs and their mental health. What we can do together in Tommy Club is much greater than anything we could possibly achieve alone and everyone who is a part of the new Tommy Club is helping veterans in their moment of need.”

 Joan has an Important Reminder for All

Joan Edwards joined the RAF in 1942 and became a Leading Aircraftwoman, repairing planes returning from conflict. Joan met her husband while he was also serving in the RAF as an electrical engineer.
“My step-father was an engineer in the First World War. He was still having great trouble from having been gassed during the war. I just knew at the end of the second, he didn’t want any more war. People should consider themselves lucky living in times of peace.”

Joan, now 96 years old, moved into our assisted living accommodation, Queen Elizabeth Court, in 2015 after she had a fall while chasing off a burglar at her home – she was 90 years old at the time!

There’s still time to order a Tommy before Remembrance!

We are so grateful for the immense support we have had for the RBLI shop in the run up to Remembrance. This support has fueled the need for more Veterans fulfilling the orders, in turn creating jobs for those who need them.
Unknown Tommy
Unknown Tommy
New three day delivery time!
Display your very own Unknown Tommy figure this Remembrance period to show your respects for the fallen. We have got extra help in from our veterans during this busy time to ensure that they can be delivered to you in just three days.
Garden Tommy
Garden Tommy
Our Garden Tommies are a perfect, subtle way to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. They can be proudly displayed all year round, but are proving to be especially popular during the Remembrance period.
Tommy Window Sticker
Tommy Window Sticker
Proudly show your respect by displaying a Tommy in your window. Suitable for most surfaces, including indoor and outdoor use, you could even stick one on your car.

And Finally, a Remembrance Poem

Mike Hamill, RAF Veteran has written an incredible Remembrance poem which he has shared with us. We thought it was too good not to share with you.

The old men gather between hallowed walls,
On village greens and in lofty,  grandeured halls.

They speak in whispers, their eyes and voices dim
They meet with comrades, friends, each one a pilgrim.

There was laughter and banter ‘tween opposing groups
Individually they carried their colours; but together they were troops.

Boys to men, they’d come of age when needed by their land,
Marching proudly; behind their chosen band.

And now these men, with bodies bent, all answer a greater call.
For men and women no longer here. But family all.

To come together, and remember the cause.
The men in scarlet lead, to echoing applause

And then, came the quiet command, “Parade!”
And bent backs and broken limbs each, an effort made.

Standing tall and straight, a tear falls here and there.
But everyone there that day, did their poppy proudly wear.

As they remembered, those who no longer live.
But gave us everything, that they had left to give.

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Royal British Legion Industries Ltd, Hall Road, Aylesford, Kent, ME20 7NL

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