Get you orders in before Christmas!

An item from the organization formerly known as There But Not There.

Hi, get your orders in before Christmas!

This is one of our busiest times of the year- our veterans in Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company are working hard, getting all orders out to you this festive season.

A Heartwarming Tommy Tale

Everybody has a story behind their Tommy, whether it be a personal reminder of a relative, or a show of appreciation to all of those in the Armed Forces who have given so much to us.

This is no exception for Tommy owner Sarah Green, who’s Tommies serve as a tribute to her Grandfather Sid.

Sid, born in 1908, enlisted into the Royal Corps of Signals in 1926, before meeting his future wife, Maud.
In 1931, Sid was transferred to the Army Reserves as a Driver, where he stayed until he was discharged in February 1938. However, after WW2 broke out in 1939, Sid re-enlisted into the Royal Corps of Signals, and was posted on the border of Holland and Belgium. As a Sergeant, Sid was in charge of maintaining a fleet of vehicles, and was always sure to bring cigarettes back for the men when traveling over the border!
Sid’s wife, Maud was at home during the war, working as nurse, and attending scenes in an ambulance. On one particular occasion, she awoke in the night to go to the bathroom, only to narrowly avoid a concrete block that had come through the roof, through her bed, and through the floor after a V1 dropped nearby.
After the war, Sid and Maud enjoyed their lives to the fullest, with Sid attending annual reunions with his Army friends

Sarah keeps her three Tommies in her window as a reminder of her grandparents, and the amazing lives they had.


Get Your Orders In!

Every year, Armed Forces personnel are separated from their family over Christmas. This year, show your support by putting a Tommy in your window.

Every purchase helps to keep veterans in meaningful employment, giving our veterans a Christmas to remember.

Garden Tommy
Garden Tommy
A perfect gift for a loved one this Christmas. Join the thousands of others showing their Tommy this Christmas.
Tommy Wooden Christmas Tree Decoration
Tommy Wooden Christmas Tree Decoration
Is you tree missing a bit of military support? Thought so ! Buy a Tommy tree decoration to support a veteran in work over Christmas.
Tommy Lapel Pin (pack of 5)
Tommy Lapel Pin (pack of 5)
The perfect stocking filler! Get 5 for only £12, and give one to all your family members this Christmas to show your military support.
Thank you so much for your ongoing support for RBLI over the festive season.
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