Beginning Our 90th Year

2021 represents the 90th anniversary of US Branch 25 of the Royal Canadian Legion – 12 August 2021 to be exact.  I know this because as the in-coming President, I have received several boxes and bags of files, photographs, and commemorative items that have been passed down by my predecessors.  Among the files are piles of old letterhead and stationary…


Over the holidays you may have noticed that we have been quietly adding historical items to our website.  For example, we have posted items such as:

Additionally, we are in the process of digitizing all of the branch’s old monthly newsletters from 1996-2003 to be placed on the website this month (see the Newsletters tab above).

We hope that 2021 will be a year to celebrate our branch’s history in the Bay Area and throughout Northern California.  In that regard, if you have old files, photographs, or newspaper clippings – maybe even some old artifacts – related to the branch’s history, please share them with a member of our executive.

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