Bass Drum Donated to a RCL Pipe Band in 1977

We recently received this request for information.  If any member have any details that they are able to share, please contact Paul Ritchie directly at mbb624-at-shaw-dot-ca.

I am writing to you on behalf of the Calgary Highlanders Regimental Museum and Archives.

To summarize a long story, we have a bass drum, which started life some time before 1917. The period before 1917 is described in a 1940 newspaper article but cannot be verified.

In 1917 through 1918, it was used by a Canadian Army band (17th Reserve Battalion). Following that, it was used by various bands in Alberta during the interwar period. It was given to the Calgary Highlanders in 1940 and used until approximately 1952. The next information I have is that the drum was donated to a Royal Canadian Legion pipe band by James P Gilsenan in 1977. Lastly, it was donated to the Calgary Highlanders by David Maisch on Labor Day weekend 1981. We have retained it since then.

I would like to discover more about the drum during the 1952 – 1977 period. Are there any Legion members who recall anything about this drum, the band it was donated to, the donor (James P Gilsenan) or the circumstances under which it was donated?

Enclosed is a rundown of the information I have on James Gilsenan.

Best regards

Attachment: Gilsenan, James P Life Events.pdf

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