In Memory of Captain Sir Thomas Moore

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In Memory of Captain Sir Thomas Moore

This week, the nation has celebrated the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore, who has passed away aged 100 having rallied the British public in support of the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic.

Captain Sir Tom: The Veteran

Captain Sir Tom’s story of support for the country began many decades before the current crisis. A veteran of the Eastern campaign during the Second World War, Sir Tom served in incredibly challenging conditions in both India and Burma as part of the allied efforts combatting the Imperial Japanese Army.

Stationed primarily in India, he provided vital support running a training programme for Army motorcyclists before joining the Fourteenth Army also known as the Forgotten Army – named so due to the thousands of miles of distance between them and their UK homeland.

The Eastern theatre of war brought with it conditions not seen in Europe: heat, humidity and tropical disease. Like many of his comrades, Sir Tom was struck down with dengue fever but fortunately recovered before returning to the UK in the final year of the war to become an instructor on the inner workings of Churchill tanks.

It was 75 years later that Sir Tom would once again come to the fore in the nation’s time of need.

Serving his Country once again

Beginning in April 2020, the then 99-year-old Sir Tom decided he would walk, walking frame in-hand, 100 laps of his garden with a modest target of raising £1,000 for the NHS.

Within a few weeks, after receiving global acclaim with celebrities, members of the cabinet and even the Prime Minister recognising his efforts, Tom completed his 100th lap – ahead of his 100th birthday, as planned.

Upon completion, his fundraising total amounted to an astonishing £32million and for his efforts he was was knighted by the Queen at a July special ceremony in what was Her Majesty’s first official engagement since the lockdown.

Captain Sir Tom was able to do something truly remarkable: he brought together the nation at a time when people were unable to meet, he rallied the troops in support of those in need – just as he had almost 80 years earlier, he personified the sense of duty found so often in the ex-servicemen and women of our Armed Forces.

Tommy Trotter Update:

Thank you SO much to everyone who has sent Tommy Trotter a birthday card. To date, he has received over 2,500 cards. Can you see yours in the image below?

How amazing! His birthday is on Feb 10th, and there’s a few more special surprises in store for him, so watch this space!

Wishing you a lovely weekend!
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