“WWI Education Webinar: Strategies and Tools for Teaching WWI in 2021”

This webinar may be of interest to some of our members.

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Fri. Feb 26, 2021 1pm ET


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Calling All EDUCATORS… and LEARNERS: Friday, February 26, 2021, 1pm EST

You are invited to register to join us live or access the webinar on-demand

Please Join our roundtable discussion with WWI educators as we explore their experiences and challenges in bringing World War I History into “classrooms, online, and hybrid environments” all of which is a part of 2021 education.

We assembled a group of educators from different parts of the US to explore issues about teaching WWI from a real-world practical perspective:

  • How teachers are adapting in teaching especially social studies, during the Pandemic
  • How do differing State standards affect teaching WWI
  • Practical practices, clever ideas and limitations when teaching WWI
  • How local WWI memorials can provide community engagement learning

We also explored and discussed the education tools created by the Doughboy Foundation during and after the Centennial of WWI. This includes the USB thumb drive Website “How WWI Changed America;” specific WWI handouts for the classroom to prompt learning and conversation; using the WWI Genealogy Research Guide to tie WWI into local community learning and the innovative “WWI Memorial Virtual Explorer App” that provides an interactive augmented reality field trip to the new WWI Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Even if you cannot attend live we invite you to register for this FREE 2021 Doughboy Foundation webinar for educators and learners about the challenges, opportunities and importance of teaching and learning about “The War That Changed the World”.

We will post the webinar as video-on-demand and send the link to all registrants whether you were able to join us live or later.

Many thanks to the supporters of The Doughboy Foundation for making this webinar possible. To learn more about the Doughboy Foundation, please visit https://doughboyfoundation.org .

REGISTER For the Webinar

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