Will you join the Great Tommy Sleep Out?

An item from the UK-based organization formerly known as There But Not There.

Are you ready to give up your comfort for those that gave their lives?

During the month of March, we are challenging you to join The Great Tommy Sleep Out.
It’s cold, it’s dark and it’s wet, but we are inviting you to sleep outside for one night to fundraise for RBLI and raise awareness of homeless ex-servicemen and women. The challenge invites you to brave the cold and potentially wet March nights, raising money to support our services that get veterans off the streets and into safe, warm housing with welfare and employment support. I know what some of you will be thinking – yes! A fundraising event that doesn’t involve running! – but believe us, it’s still a challenge.

Up to the challenge? Sign up today and we will send you everything you need in one handy pack. When your first donation comes in, you’ll also receive a free beanie hat!


RBLI needs your support to help commemorate Mrs Brigadier Mary Climpson. Please sign our Petition.

We are looking for support for our application for a NCC commemorative plaque for Salvation Army stalwart Mrs Brigadier Mary Climpson, the first woman to be killed with the British Expeditionary Force in France, 1940.
Mary, who was working hard to establish Salvation Army Centres in Northern France in 1939, was forced to retreat when Hitler unleashed his Blitzkreig.

Mary and her husband Brigadier Herbert Climpson ensured all other staff members had safely left before attempting to escape in a convoy. Sadly, the convoy was dive bombed by enemy aircraft and Mary lost her life.

An application has been made for a commerative plaque to be installed where Mary grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne, but we need your signature to ensure it can happen.

You can read more about Mrs Brigadier Mary Climpson’s story and sign the petition by clicking the button below:


Get to know a Veteran you have Helped

Veterans, like ex-Royal Marine Paul, come to RBLI in urgent need of support. Paul served in the Royal Marines from 1995 – 2017. His 22 year service, which saw him deployed on 7 operational tours, had a substantial effect on his health. He was subsequently discharged from the forces with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and in need of a wheelchair.

Paul came to RBLI in 2017, struggling with his mental health and was placed on the charity’s holistic welfare programme ‘Step-In’, which provided him with a plan towards an independent and fulfilling life.

He said :
My mental health during my service in the Royal Marines affected me massively, the physical injuries I can see, but the scars that I can’t see, that other people can’t see are the mental side of things, the invisible scares. The nightmares, the only way to stop it, for me, was to have a drink’.

RBLI provided Paul with the professional physical, mental and addiction support that he needed as well as housing to support him while he continues on his journey of recovery.

Since he first came to RBLI, Paul has made huge progress. He has moved from assisted to independent living within our accommodation and after several surgical procedures is now walking with the use of a cane.

Despite knowing he will live with PTSD for life, Paul now manages his condition by attending weekly support sessions at RBLI’s Village. Thanks to RBLI’s welfare team, and with the support of delivery partners such as PTSD Resolution, he has stayed sober.

Paul said ‘After receiving the help from RBLI, I can now see a future’. ‘Without the help from the RBLI I don’t know where I’d be right now’.

Tommy Trotter Receives over 3,000 Cards!

A few weeks ago, we put a call out to our amazing supporters to send Tommy Trotter, a D-Day veteran, a birthday card for his 100th birthday, which he was due to spend in Lockdown.

In total, he received over 3000 cards and gifts, which is truly astonishing. We would like to thank you all so much for making his day so special.

From all of us at RBLI and the Tommy Club, we set him his very own Unknown Tommy and personalised Perspex Tommy to put in his window.

From all of us at RBLI, we thank you for your support and hope you have a lovely weekend!
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