New study discounts depleted uranium’s role in Gulf War illness

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Legion Magazine
Front Lines
Boarding parties in the Persian Gulf

New study discounts depleted uranium’s role in Gulf War illness

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

A new scientific study claims sarin gas is a possible cause of Gulf War illness, not debris from depleted uranium munitions.

The University of Portsmouth School of Earth and Environmental Sciences says it has proven that depleted uranium did not cause the acute and chronic symptoms plaguing more than 250,00 Allied service personnel.


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Military Milestones
Operation Moshtarak

One of the original 62 officers of the Royal Canadian Air Force

Story by Sharon Adams

Wounded in the leg during his service with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1917, Sergeant Arthur Lawrence Morfee transferred to the Royal Flying Corps.

He trained as an observer, took an aerial photography course and advanced from cadet to second lieutenant before his Royal Air Force service ended in February 1919. That photography course was to ensure him a long and productive aviation career, starting with mapping Canada.


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