Mission Matters Newsletter: Award Recipients Announced!

An item from the Wreaths Across America organization.


As I’m writing today I am doing so coming off an emotion-filled few days. Wreaths Across America’s Stem to Stone Weekend is designed to help our volunteers fully understand the mission. Each year, as the event plays out, the team here at WAA learns as much as we teach. All of our volunteers have their own “WHY” but as we spend precious hours together, we are bonded by our love of Country, community and each other.

Many of our dedicated volunteers who participated in the event took the time to share stories of the effort taking place in their towns and cities to rally around and support the mission. Everybody truly plays a part (WAA theme in 2019). We heard many examples of people carrying out selfless acts to involve whole towns in honoring the sacrifice of our veterans. People being Americans Worth Fighting For (WAA theme in 2020).


And most importantly we heard how their yearlong process of having a WAA event brings kids and veterans together to teach courage and character and the importance of “Living up to their legacy” (WAA theme for 2021). The testimonies of these people and other giving-Americans have inspired our themes in the past, as they have our soon-to-be-announced theme for 2022.

Although WAA is most known for placing wreaths on veterans graves during the holidays, our year-round mission is an opportunity for communities to come together to reconnect and share the comfort that that brings. Common ground is found in our respect and love for those who fought for our freedom. Common ground strengthens communities.

I came away from the weekend’s events hopeful and excited as I worked with people from all over the country gathered to reboot our commitment to share the stories of heroes from generations before with our children.


Patriotism begins at home, then reaches to community and Country. Without the passion of our dedicated volunteers — two million strong — we could not carry out our mission. Our mission, which brings communities together with a common goal.


With gratitude,

Karen Worcester


Wreaths Across America’s Award Winners

Bennett Family of Companies

This weekend, at its annual Stem to Stone event in Maine, Wreaths Across America recognized three well deserving award recipients including:

To read more, click on an award recipient’s name above or find all of our recent winner announcements by clicking on the button below.

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